Free Transfer Token?

My parents want to join our world, they have never before transferred a character. They bought the game in July 2022.
Do they get a free transfer token? How to claim transfer token.
It doesn’t show in the store?

Please help

Transfer tokens were given out to players who had characters during November 2021 and February 2022. Those would be claimed in the store under “Character Transfer”, but based on the dates you provided it doesn’t sound like they would have free transfer tokens.


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If the tokens are available on your account they would reflect in the in game store.

Here is the details on how to transfer it Server Transfers - Support | Amazon Games.

As @JakeL has informed (a big thank you :slight_smile: ) there were two rounds of free server transfer tokens. If your account was eligible the token should be available in the World Transfer tab. under in-game Store.

Here is a link to FAQs reqarding server transfers.
The tokens are also available for purchase in the game store.

I hope this helps! :evergreen_tree:

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Honestly, with queues being as bad as they are, charging people to transfer feels slimy.


Thanks. Appreciate it

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