Free World Transfer Token

Can we get some clarity on which players get a free transfer token?!?

Reading all the sources from the forum and support pages, I read “Each player will receive one free character transfer token” as each player receives ONE free token per account. Honestly, this would make sense from a New Player’s perspective that starts playing the game, then realizes that his friends are on a different world to allow that player one free “change of heart”.

However, what the wording actually mean is that new players that were active during that particular update would get a token?!? makes no sense. No where on the FAQ or pages does it state that only players active during a particular update/time get one. It blatantly states that each player account gets a free token.

Still confused, but honestly, putting in this much time into the game just to find out the fun is behind a paywall is rather disappointing.


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In my opinion everyone should get one free transfer per month. They shouldn’t make purchasing them even an option, gives way to gold sellers and such abusing the system

Tokens were given out on October 20th 2021 and February 15th 2022 to players who had accounts during those timeframes. Any new accounts have to purchase new tokens. I imagine that documentation is simply out of date.

What part of the game is put behind a paywall? Almost all servers are quite well populated.

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True, just not with my friends :slight_smile:

I think free server transfers should be given to players in dead servers, and that’s about it. Idk about gold selling, maybe they can trace every transfer and check if there were big gold trades.

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Free tokens has been given for players on certain specific occasions due to certain issues that have affected the transfer or during servers merge.

All the information related to server transfer can be found on this link:

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


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