Freedom is too OP

I use Warhammer with 300 cons and I can never load a complete heavy attack and land it.

The reason?

People with freedom perks evade easy my heavy attack because they free from the stun in half of the time.

Warhammer is great in groups but in arenas is a complicated weapon. In arenas the mobility and burst damage is the way to play.

If it is not in team and your opponents know to play they will troll you and kite you very easy.

It is hard to land stuns and hit someone with auto attacks already that not even when I manage to stun someone 8 can hit it with more than one auto attack.

Please balance freedom or as the same with the resilent perk do it less effective in light armors.


Lol I stopped at 300 con. Freedom is a great perk, you simply do not have enough damage to kill anyone, and simply are using the hammers CC combo to try and kill people.


The reason why freedom exists and everyone wants to run it is basically because of the weapon you use.


Play heavy armor and that stun will last long enough even if they have 5 freedom for you to get off a heavy attack. :wink:

Freedom is def not OP. Getting perma stun/stagger lock, watching my player having a seizure and die is not fun


Do a different combo foo. Shockwave first, the wrecking ball, light attack + armor breaker is a great one that freedom will not help a person get out of.

Clear out(no armor perk) into shockwave into wrecking ball then light attack is another one.

If you aren’t aware, freedom only works on roots, slows, and stuns, not knockdowns(wrecking ball).


He mentioned 300 con because it extends your ccs

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Lol facts


I hate that I need to buy 5 freedom items to stop your garbage weapon from chain stunning me to death. I even have a post calling it out.

So nope, how about we stop with the cc spam style already. I shouldn’t need to spend millions of gold to play the game


I play heavy armor already…

Loll only noobs landing heavy after cc, you need land last armor braker mate ;D not heavy ;D and you will do same dmg as with heavy ;D

Bro, freedome is bugged…
Like an example: Shield bash basic duration (without upgrades) is 2 sec.
So, 5 part freedomed target will be “free” after 1 second.
BUT if last update is selected, that increase stun duration for +1 sec, freedome’d target will stay 2(!!!) seconds in CC, if he still has 5 parts.
If you are in heavy, than it will be 1 sec + 1 sec + (20% from 3 sec) + 0,6 sec. So it will be 2.6 seconds. If you are with 300 const, than it will add extra 0.3 sec, so it will be almost 3 sec of stun for 5 freedom part’s target.

So, i can gues, you are 300 const but in light?
To escape from Heavy after shockwave, target should have 3 Freedome parts (ofc, if you are not in Light) + you should not be slow as a tourtle and have decent timing.


Freedom does not work on stagger. It works only on slows, and stuns and roots…

yes, it is, as it said in perk description. But does it change what i mean?

Guess why ppl run freedom, because hammer combo one shot u. Hammer should never able to crit. The damage is insane with all the debuff it give. With or without detonate. No sure if you are one of the abuser in arena or not. But being full tank and charge ur detonate, Stun everyone with one shockwave and detonate

The only thing I’m saying is that wuth 300 cons, heavy armor and stun someone with shockwave doesn’t give enough time to land a complete heavy attack. The target breaks before.

Test it.

you don’t understand, even 5 freedom cannot escape this combo. Yes you cannot land a heavy but this is far more powerful. Shield bash → immediately charge detonate and Shockwave → 1-3 dead opponents on the ground. So many of this build in arena on crassus.

If there is a perk being OP then its Shirking Fortification on medium and heavy.
Freedom clearly is not.

OP isn’t complaining about lack of dmg but about not being able to hit heavy attack from WH stuns even when he uses 300 con which gives you 30% CC duration.

WH has 1 stun which is telegraphed af, you can dodge it or you can block it. It has a lot of knockdowns, not stuns. Freedom doesn’t help with knockdowns.