Freeze after rollback

After rollback i get hard freeze. Sometimes the game kick me out saying suspicious software or corrupted game file. I dont use any “suspicious software” and i did a full repair of the game.

This is happening after the rollback, never experienced something like that before that.

Please help. It’s unplayable.

I have fixed it for my self this way Freeze after rollback - #117 by Arkness
I didnt get freeze or crash since yesterday.

some other fixed it by repairing easy anti cheat following the steps:

  1. go on ur game folder (for me E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\New World)
  2. go into EasyAnticheat folder
  3. launch program as admin
  4. click on repair

other ppl fixed it buy using a VPN.

Hope this help guys, let me know.


The same problem, the game stops completely

same problem …

same, tried steam file verify but didnt help

yes the same problem, freezing after some minuts, impossible to play

AGS? Can we get some information about this??

for me its not only freezing, it crashed and now I cant login


Please tell me this is a joke… we had 3 mainteinance in the last days, yesterday servers were offline for 14 hours, I logged in, AH is disabled and in 30 minutes the game crashed 4 times. This is totally unbeliavable.

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its just loading for long time

you’re right, thanks. at least, now i can log in, but the crashing issue is still there

yeah, atleast were not getting banned for this xd

now we need a rollback for the rollback, thats the problem if you take the easy way out

same, with the above server list problem. Funny thing i could play at the very morning.

idk how long it`s known but i expect they post something in about 2-3 hours

i dont think that fixed it because i restarted my pc and still got the problem

restarted steam, no update

i did verify files and restart steam 5 times, no update

if you verify files steam shows the games a completed in the downloads maybe thas what he saw

nothing is solved.

i tryed to play 2 hours now… i have freezes and crashes evry 5-10 min. i am temp. banned from outpost rush cause of crashes. time to take a break from this game. i hope they fix that soon, otherwise they will lose alot of players again and again… so sad cause the game has so much potentail