Freeze after rollback

same problems for me, game keeps freezing all the time… but only since the rollback

and ffs its NOT SOLVED
there is no update for me or anything i could do

I have the same thing, I tryed everything I could but I couldn’t get the update.

Same problems for me, It was working until six hours ago now i taked freeze and login blocked: Suspisicious Software or Correpted Install Detected.
-My drivers are up to date
-I verified the filePlaytime

and yet no reply from ags about this lol

Its so annoying.Cant play game than servers are at maintenance.I think best solution for that issue waiting right now :confused:

it might take weeks for them, as they usually do, they need hours to nerf, but weeks to fix

full game reinstall doesnt solve the problem either


Same problem. I guess it is server issue.

After emergency ‘‘maintenance’’ game hangs with sound going on,event viewer report is ‘‘stoped interacting with windows’’ with unknown type name and id,tried drivers clean install,tried windows update,tried virtual memory increase just for the funs,tried reinstallation ,tried deleting files
tried praying,running out of options here not to mention reasons to keep playing as if i can play.

I think problem at server side.Because most of all people has that issue right now.And still no reply from AGS about that.

its not most of the people… in my guildchannnel im the only one…

wd be interesting what hardware everyone with the problem is running… maybe there is a pattern

Ryzen 7 2700x // 16gb ram // gtx 1070

I found 7 diffrent topic about that, and a lot replies.I am using rtx 2060 with ryzen 5 3500x 16 gb ram.

r5 1600x 16gb ram gtx 1050

AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor
8 Cores

all ryzen so far :stuck_out_tongue:

nope im intel …

so i guess its random

mb just put an [URGENT] or [OMG i can dupe money] in the title so they finally react asap xD

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same problem here for me and many on my server Baltica-Eu

same problem