Fresh off the boat

Hey everyone! After an extremely long time of wanting this game, but not having a compatible computer to run it, I was finally able to upgrade and purchase it.

I have a few different DLC cosmetics from Amazon drops, so I’ll eventually learn to apply them to my character, but, I hope to make friends and do whatever there is to do in New World! It’s really reminding me of RuneScape so far, with combat similar to Tera.

My characters name is Artorius Sylver and I am on the Amarah world. If you don’t mind giving some advice I’ll gladly heed it all within reason!


Hi, Artorius. Welcome to the community! There has never been a better time to start your adventure in Aeternum. Many players here in the forums would be more than happy to offer some advice to get you started. :slightly_smiling_face:


All your PVE and PVP gear is free. Until you figure out your Best in Slot ideal build, everything you need is free in-game now. Just grind to level 60, get your PVE set from Tempest Dungeon and farm your legendary weapons in Brimstone etc . is your best friend.

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Welcome to the New World.

Enjoy the game. Lots to do.

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Play musket bow.

Dont rush the leveling and enjoy it



Best way to find people to play with is to join a company. Type in recruitment or global chat that you are new pve/pvp/pvx player looking for a company and you should get some invites.

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I really want to give you a starter pack but im afraid it will rage some people kekw

Thank you for the warm welcome and advice, everyone! I’m usually very slow to level because I like to explore the world, gather when I can, and get a feel for all the different weapons. Last night I got to level 10 and divvied out my stats into DEX and INT, thinking I might lean towards Rapier and some kind of magic. Luckily I read that respecs are free up to level 20, but afterwards I need some kind of faction currency, I can only guess I get after doing faction quests.

I know that I selected a fresh start world, even though it has been going on for a while, but people seem generally nice. Is there a cycle to when a new fresh start world will be released? It sounds like a blast to be a part of.