[FRESH] Overlord-SA needs a merge

Me and my friends stop playing new world again, because have same problem a before, i play 24 hours dont stop, i stay full in 48 hours, now i dont have gueue for mutator.
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E digo mais, quem escreve em ingles, ta escrevendo errado, negocio é area em portugues, eles que se esforcem pra entender, segue o baile.


My friends are migrating to another server, FRESH and progressing all life skills again, because it is unplayable on the OVERLORD server, which had the same problem at the beginning, servers where streamers made a merchan, and when the “contract” ends. They quit the game and take half of the public, because they were just there, to see and play with their idols, we need a merge to any SA server, regardless of which it is, we just need to have more people to make the contents. Thanks


Come @Luxendra i need you, help nos!!!


@Luxendra please! we need this urgently!!!

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@Luxendra Help us!! Please!

@Luxendra Help us bro! pleaseeeee

hello @Luxendra libera o transfer meu aliado


huge meme

RTA to legacy being delayed

Eu sei lá boy, amazon parece que tem algum probleminha com as comunicações internas, um fala que os servidores RTA seriam considerados servidores Fresh e agora me veem com essa… Espero que esse delay façam eles mudar de ideia.


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