Fresh PVP server question

Why PVE lovers asume that if AGS launch a fresh PVP server it would be empty? I mean, server capacity is only for 2k players, I bet there is a lot more than 2k players wanting to play in a pvp server (dont forget that PVP servers were the highest populated servers at wow classic launch).

PD: PVE lovers asume too that, in a pvp servers, people will not play the PVE aspects of the game i dont know why lmao.

In conclution, even if we are a “minority” : As servers capacity is only 2k players it would be easy to have fully populated PVP servers, then PVE players would be happy and PVP players as well.

Thank you for your time and sorry for my bad english. Have nice day guys.


I totally agree with u.
I’m waiting for PvP servers for many months (since the beta of the game lol) and i won’t comeback on New World until they lauch.

Please, consider it for the PvP boys.

First sweaty company which will bully you everywhere you go will show you how good idea pvp servers are :wink:

I am not against PvP servers, I just think they won’t survive because of of these sweaty 24/7 players who like to bully everyone else. Why do you think AGS changed the direction of a game from full loot pvp? Because players were toxic af and bullied others and effectively forced them to stop playing.


Nobody asks for a full loot pvp game, just a server with pvp always active, nothing more. It’s the same current game, no changes needed, but without the option to disable pvp.

And if the server lasts only 1 year, it doesn’t matter. what should matter to AGS is that new people buy the game or spend in the store.

This statement is so stupid. Ok so let’s say there is about 200-300 elite players in the world who are e-sport level good at the game mechanically. Spread across a pop of 2000 players.

How will these e-sports legends go around and camp the 1700 other players on the server 24/7 every day, every week, every month? And when will the e-sports players do their other activities like war, dungeons, farming etc? Also when do they sleep? Or eat? Or leave their very expensive gaming chairs? How do they take a shit? Adult diapers?

You are so delusional rofl.

Imagine just making up a bunch of numbers to try and prove a point.


Imagine not being able to read and comprehend an easy example.

If the ratio is even higher it is a non problem. I think it’s hard for pve’ers to grasp mechanical skill vs gear gap in this game. Getting gear is easy now.

Even if all of the best players in the world decided to band together to camp other players all day long. They aren’t so good at the game that a few hundred can camp thousands of other players 24/7. Even a mediocre player can fight against a good player. It’s a 3 button MMo…

Maybe a small percentage of players would feel like they can’t compete against anyone and would return to a PvE server. But everyone else would stay because you can always fight back in this game.

Right now, in the new servers, 60/625 players who came from transfers are in low level area hunting new players who “DARE” leave town pvp-flagged.

It may be fun when it’s balanced, but for a new player perspective it’s not. Poor little guy will just have a bad experience and leave the game. Since new players dont stay, the poppulation only get smaller and everyone calling: “AGS bAd, gAmE iS dEaD!”.

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You are so naive man. Sweaty gamers are toxic af. The enjoy forcing others to quit the game.

Im not talking about elite players, im tallking about 24/7 toxic players. Not all 24/7 players are elite players :wink:

1.) Only criminals were fully lootable.

2.) The biggest problem with a PvP server for New World is it wouldn’t actually be noticeably different than the current version of the game. It’s not that there’s some inherent problem with PvP, it’s just that New World has long since abandoned any sort of PvP-focused development of the game. The vast majority of gameplay is instanced now with little reason to be in the open world most of the time. Whether or not that’s the right choice is for AGS to decide.

How’s that any different than now? :rofl:

Current servers haven’t survived.

The game was promoted as a full loot survival MMO and had 1 million players.

They changed direction 6 months before launch and baited evryone.

People left.

We don’t need more PVE, instanced lobby theme park MMOS.

New world was going to be different in a sea of copy/pasted Mmos.

They got scared and lost a heap of players because of it. They listened to the minority of whining PVE players and catered to them.

Now look? You have 30k players left from 1 million.

90 percent of my friend group, gamer friend group were all Pvpers. They have all quit.

I say open one and let the experiment begin so we can end the discussion one way or another.

Agreed, don’t see how they can’t even open one.

I’m sure they are concerned with the level of toxicity and crying that will come with a full pvp server. I’ll create a character just to read chat.

Sounds like the PVP server wouldn’t be for you then?

PvP players are competitive minded, we don’t give up if we lose or get zerged. We get organised and fight back.(more recently see the release in new world where faction chat organised with each other and world Pvp skirmishes and battles ensued, we helped each other out.)

You’re looking at this from a PVE player that doesn’t strive to improve the way they play or tweak their build.

I bet you’re the type of person that would demand skill based match making, rather than suck it up and just strive to get better at a game to finally beat the other person.

This is the issue with modern gaming.

Bring back skill based gaming, not this hand holding, catering to everyone crap that is being churned out these days.

Back in the day games would have a community with known ace players and you would die against them a lot, until one day you didn’t and that type of satisfaction cannot be beaten.(cross server instancing killed this in other MMOS, a sense of community is a huge thing for an MMO, and something I hope NW never do.)

Here’s some statistics from a website for WoW classic right now.

The first nine servers are PvP.

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Imagine the market and economy in a pvp only server…….

Pvpers PVE aswell? We would just fight over resources and have battles.

It would be glorious.

It would be as intended as the games original core design was meant to be.

All these systems currently in the game were made with world Pvp and full loot being a thing.

These have slowly been gutted with every patch

You can turn off PvP now.

Iirc, that was the original plan for the game but it wasn’t well received and that’s why it’s not a thing