Fresh server or Wipe - Game state and economy is unhealthy

  1. I don’t care about different opinions, but it is obvious that the current state of the game and the economy is so messed up. I’ve never played or seen an MMORPG game where high tier materials are cheaper than low tier materials.

  2. Town Boards quest items NEEDS to be reworked! replace the required quest items with unique “Binds on Pickup” items that players have to actually find and loot in the open world instead of being able to buy them from the trading post and just “convert” their gold into exp.

  3. I’ve heard many people say “EXP is more valuable than the items”.
    This is the part where this system is broken!! The fact can just level up your character just by doing “town boards” and “mass producing a certain item”, is
    absolutely insane. This, this exact scenario encourages “illegal pay to win” players to "illegally buy gold" for the sole purpose of “power levelling” their characters. I’ve met and seen these type of players in almost every MMORPG, but New World’s town board and crafting system? It’s really BAD! How lovely it is that you can level up your character that simple? Right? PvE content engagement becomes almost obsolete at this point.

  4. Now for an even worse part of the current state of game’s economy:
    The amount of gold generated from dupes! I don’t have to explain this. I think you have a better understanding about the consequences of this problem. I’m no expert in economy but with common sense, i do, know that this is really bad and unhealthy. What’s the point of being competitive in an environment where there are people that cheats and are way ahead of you, financially. Why didn’t devs or GMs perma ban those exploiters? It’s cheating!

Now do you think those people that amass wealth from duping are actually enjoying the game? NO, most of them WANT the GAME to FAIL! Just take a look at this video comment section:

That’s it, i wasn’t gonna write this long post, but i thought i had to.

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