Fresh server should be like this:

dude AGS is making mistake after mistake

Old servers will experience up to 70%+ player loss. so old means the servers are dead. and when we include the hyperqueue on the new server, the result is; disaster.

The only thing new players will do when they see the 6000+ queues is:
''alt+f4, Delete game ‘’ :smiley:

If new servers are not opened to the Transfer after a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 months

what they do will only damage the game.

Transfer rule valid for old servers;

Something along these lines wouldn’t be too bad

Well we have the fresh start information here: [Notice] Fresh Start World Rollout Plan and FAQ


a Fresh start sounds nice but with the limited time of play i already have. I would not start anew to grind out expertise and crafting… I haven’t even reached the max on there. Good thing its just a choice but yes eventually these “fresh start” servers are going to be opened op to be transferable to mark my words.

Most people will just hop on fresh start temporary to enjoy open world pvp
Those people asking for actual fresh start to come back have likely now all the other games to play which come out around that time

Also I dont understand people saying “oh in 2-3months this or that”
That game was dead for 10months, 3 months is a shittload of time. If people give this game another chance even if for 3months, that’s a huge win.
Old servers can get merged anytime

based take from AGS, this take by valeeraa (who ive seen make at least a couple threads about this issue) is just the greediest thing lmao

hope it can stay this way, cheers (I don’t even plan to do fresh start, i just dont want their economy dunked on)


yeah eventually sure, but theres no reason for them to announce a date for that to happen. they will wait and see what population numbers look like and then merge fresh start with fresh start until there are no other options. it makes way more sense.

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I think you don’t understand that the exact same thing is going to happen on Fresh Start Servers. The point is that the most amount of money made is by big companies owning settlements. Windsward, Everfall and Brimstone, even after the recent changes, still earn these companies millions every single week.

It’s only a matter of time before the wealth disparity between the average player and hardcore companies will be indistinguishable from the current state on legacy servers. This whole idea of a “clean economy” where wealth is evenly distributed is completely delusional.


Well they’re saying they’re never merging them, but they’re not saying they’re never going to open them up for transfers.

Fair! Probably copium, but fair!

It will take WAY longer for something like this to happen(if it happens at all) because of the territory ownership changes.

Not really. Even though it’s more evenly distributed, companies still earn massive coin for owning settlements. Once the first 100k coins are aquired after a day or two by a big company and Windsward or Everfall can be claimed, the snowballing starts.

The average player will be massively behind long before even reaching level 60 and every single week the disparity grows rapidly. Making Coin for the average player will also be a lot harder at the start due to farming spots being extremely competetive when everybody tries to level up their Trade Skills.

Not with such easy access to at least two perk gear through opr and the pvp track.

Well you’re talking company vs. company competition here though, and wars might be slightly more competetive early on. But I’m talking companies vs. the average player that believes the economy on legacy servers is tainted and they’re looking at an equalized playing field with FSS.

Overall big companies are going to have significantly more coin and are going to control significantly more farming spots on average than regular players. Just like on legacy servers.

I’m not. I’m talking about everyone

I see a totally different scenario unfolding :slight_smile: Many hardcore players will make new characters on FS Servers. They will do this for a few reasons. 1.) So they can take advantage of leveling up a 3rd character for war-logging across the region. 2.) So they can farm you guys… again like they did last year. 3.) To set up another outlet for gold sellers via the monopoly they will put in place after farming everyone. The end result will be all the people who quit last year, will quit again. Then the servers will get merged and the War Loggers will have 3 war ready characters per region. While a handful of Governors and Consuls will now have made more money off gold sales. Meanwhile Legacy Servers will do just fine, sure a couple will get merged after the eventual exodus from the game. by the same people who quit last year. But for the most part the core servers will be just fine.

see the fresh like if the old servers where the beta of the game if u want to play the full game u have to play again starting of 0 u can still playing the beta but dont ask to merged your beta charater with the maing game its ridiculous, if they make a merge with beta servers i will ask to just transfers de character with no houses no items no gold no nothing, just your lvl, in this way if u dont want to lvl up a new character u can use yours 60 to start again on the main game but no more.

we dont quit the game cuz the hardcore players, I quit the game cuz the bugs and exploits i dont care to play with a hardcoreplayer that play 24/7 cuz he has no live, but i care to play with a person that has played 30 hours and destroys the game with exploits and bugs and has 1million items of everything everywhere

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Ya that’s what a lot of people say. Still you have to consider that just like irl there’s always going to be bad actors. The FS Server concept is Utopian. The day it launches a lot of players like yourself will log in with best of intentions and goals. Also that same day there will be bad actors. Plus there will be hardcore NW players who will rise to the top quite rapidly. I wish you luck. Hope the New Server bring you prosperity to your game.