Fresh server time?

What time will the fresh servers open?

Heeeeey mod?

There is all the servers with their respective starting time.

Later. First round opens at 9am pst.

Every forum page I open has a world map with the times on it per region. Not sure how you’re missing it, but it is there.

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Thanks all.

It was supposed to open at 17:00, it still hasn’t opened.

Its 16:53 right now…

Patience young padawan.

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Lies it’s 16:54 :stuck_out_tongue: (This is meant just for amusement) hehe

Hımmm Screenshot by Lightshot

The launch picture says CET.

Central European Time.

We set back our clocks by an hour last week to normal time instead of summer time CEST.

O zaman cCc

Let’s wait. (:

isnt it supposed to open already?

15 min delay for 1st roll out

1 hour late but not opened. No explanation either.

Its not an hour late stop with the fake info. It was supposed to open 2 minutes ago but was postponed 15 minutes just now.

It’s 2 minutes past start time for the Fresh Start Servers. Where they at?

still not open

They are not late, it currently 17:03 CET. And they just did announce a global delay of 15 minutes.

another new world fail on server start times? lol you had one job