Fresh server time?

1 minute warniiiiiiing!

That doesnt work anymore my friend

I have been waiting for this!!!

Called it :frowning:

Well, you can still do both starting area chains if you want



Here’s hoping it’s 12:30 and not… 12:45. Crossing fingers :slight_smile:

oh really ? I hope it isn’t a bug with new character slot. It only happened me once i created 7 chars in a row so i thought it was like that.

bruh there aint no way

Gogogogogogo boys its queueue over 9000 time hope u enjoy!

I bet 1 hour more.

LOL i have not been so excited for fresh start and now i get my old timy mmo feel of being hood winked into believign it would launch on time 80

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Already showing the third slot in the start screen

haha to make sure half of the people who wanted to return give up we are delaying the start of fresh start 12:30pm on January 1st 2024

12:30 est now…

Someone from Germany? It is like the Deutsche Bahn. You wait for your train, it says 15 minutes delay. You wait 15 minutes and they announce 30 min delay :smiley:


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Funny how everyone used to bag on AGS for rushing things and launching stuff that wasn’t ready. They have learned some lessons.

It’s AGS no surprise last year it was the same mess but i love NW so it’s fine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Asking again! and… for the people thinking I’m trolling… notice the " :wink: " above. It’s called… a “wink”. Means I’m JOKING, not trolling :slight_smile:

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