Fresh server time?

Ahhh. Didn’t see that but… not surprised either lol. They ALWAYS suck at being on time. :slight_smile:

source ?

its on announcements section

Hey friends!

Our team is working to get the servers up and running. You’ll be able to find updates in this thread here:

We appreciate your patience!

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There you have a source.




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My question is going to be… In 10 more minutes, are you going to postpone for another 15 as per standard AGS policy on lateness? :wink:

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You need a hug

I thought Farmville was ded

I prefer hello kitty island adventure

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Said launch for west was 10am mst, its 10:07 and still no servers…

OMG could you imagine a playerbase with this? I have goosebumps thinking about it…

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can you imagine what world we live in where people get mad for a 15-30 min delay…

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Ok so this has been in the works for … a while, and now a delay. Does not sound good.

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Less trolling, please. I’m excited to start a new character. Just cuz you’re excited to troll doesn’t mean you should do it though :slight_smile:

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I want to play fresh please read

[Insert hysteria here]

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Was here for the launch and stopped after about a month or so, exited to see how the game is now! :slight_smile:

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Global 15 minutes delay. Keep your cool, it’s being worked on.

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