Fresh Servers: Better Sooner than Later

Alot of people are keen for Fresh Servers. I think it is inevitable that some point we will be getting fresh servers. However I think releasing fresh servers (with transfers disabled) should happen sooner than later. Yes there is the argument that it would be better to wait till the game is “fixed” before releasing fresh servers but in the mean time, AGS will be losing more and more players every week.

Having fresh servers will help keep the overall population of this game higher as well as keep the game relevant for alot of people who still enjoy the game or are interested in trying the game but dont want to play on the current servers.

I think there should be a 3 month period when servers get merged and when Fresh servers get opened. And i think this should happen in the next 2-4 weeks. TBH though i think its wishful thinking and most likely it will be 6+ months before fresh servers get released.


considering that they’re releasing more low level content…later is better.

If they are releasing more low level content wouldnt it make sense for them to release servers sooner than later. Who is going to be experiencing this low level content when the active players who are level 60 already are quitting becuase of stale endgame?

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Yes there is no point in releasing fresh servers if there will still be massive exploits available. AGS has to wait to fix the game first and get all the major balance changes in so players don’t end up in another bait and switch when they re-roll on a new server.

But yes, they NEED to release fresh servers once the dust settles, and advertise in advance they are doing so such that past players will know about it in time to join again at launch.


Server merges is a higher priority over adding more servers. I agree a fresh one is nice but adding more before reducing the overall server count is a bad move, there is too many empty servers already.

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I completly agree, I think server merges will be happening in the next 2-4 weeks. However after they merge servers I think even just adding 1 fresh server with transfers disabled for each region would be a smart move.

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No. That does not make any sense.
Adding a new server now would mean you’d level past the low level content before it is released…and there might even be more that they’ve yet to activate.

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I’m inclined to agree that after this update we should be given fresh servers, with no transfers in allowed. It’s getting really disheartening to know that so many people are running around with duped gold, duped items, etc, and no consequence. Make some fresh servers so those of us who want to play a fair game can do so, and make it known that use of any exploits on that server will result in deletion of character in addition to whatever trivial account ban AGS wants to enforce.

This will also give people who have played since launch, but did not play in the beta, a fair shot at many of the game’s mechanics, such as wars and invasions, since those people didn’t have the fore-knowledge that beta players did.

Definitely agree with that last paragraph. When I first started I assumed Engineering and Armouring (for bags) was going to make me a lot of gold. Also I had no clue about how companies could own land and all that. Its one of the reasons I want a fresh server, now I know the game’s mechanics I would play the game differently.

They have too many servers already, what makes you think they are going to divide the players even more before they solve that problem?

When they server merge soon.

The issue isn’t exactly that they have ‘too many servers’. The problem is they have too few players. One cause of the lack of players is people quitting en masse after dupers went virtually unpunished. A slap on the wrist and no removal of the duped items, completely borking what is supposed to be a player based economy on many servers.

So, yeah, merge the servers, erase half of them, and then open up a small number of the fresh start servers without transfers. This seems pretty self evident. Not sure why you’re having trouble grasping the concept.

No need to be a jerk about it, but good luck waiting for those “fresh start” servers. One of us understands why it isn’t happening anytime soon, the other is in for a long wait.

Why I felt the need to be a jerk: “what makes you think they are going to divide the players even more”

Because you were one! :wink:

“One of us understands why it NEEDS to happen to salvage the game, and one of us doesn’t.”

I fixed it for you.

I doubt we will ever get fresh servers, although I would like it.
If they would have added fresh servers weeks ago I think it would have been popular, but still so many bugs. The later they wait for fresh servers the smaller amount of people would be willing to do it.
What they should do is create fresh servers with level 50 cap and 150 skill cap. This way they knock out all the bugs and then they can release level 60 cap 3 weeks from launching the new servers and most of the bugs will be fixed.

I don’t dislike the idea of fresh servers… some day, but not now.

  • Need time to get more bugs/exploits under control
  • Some server pops are already low, new servers would just make that worse for some
  • Mergers need to happen first
  • Give the game a chance to play out with the core fanbase established (post-mergers)

The problem is, mergers don’t solve the problem of all the duped money/gear floating around, nor the cheaters that have them. Since AGS won’t do anything about the cheaters, they should give those of us who don’t want to play with the cheaters a place to do so. And until they do, I probably won’t come back to the game.

What are you going to gain with a fresh server? It’s still the same shitty game run by the same clueless devs.

How much duped money/gear is floating around?

Is this a real problem or do you just believe that it is a problem?

Don’t jump on that bandwagon. AGS is doing something about it, even if there’s a propaganda effort here that contradicts it.

Also, there’s no guarantee that your new fresh server will somehow be filled with completely reputable players.