Fresh Servers: Better Sooner than Later

Millions upon millions of coins on my server alone and what they’re doing is 24 hour bans. That’s far from sufficient.

Do you have evidence to support this?

Where did these come from? How do you know?

Not going to do your homework for you, and not getting pulled into one of these purile arguments.

Because screenshots of people with maxed (500,000) gold.

So no, you don’t have evidence, you are just caught up in the hype. Got it.

This isn’t a court of law. I don’t have to ‘produce the evidence’. It was on a Discord server I no longer have access to. Blow it out your ass.

It’s not hard for a governor of a popular server who owns EF/WW to come up with 500,000. I’ve made 30,000 off selling Lucky 3 Day Lucky 3 Night fishing poles… and I’m 183 engineering and working by myself. It doesn’t seem to me that 500,000 is unreasonable if you’re smart, know how to use the TP, and play 12 hours a day.

Anyway, a screenshot isn’t much of evidence that duping is for-sure happening and AGS isn’t doing anything about it. If that’s what you believe though, I’m sure there is nothing anyone can say to change your mind.

(edit: I am not saying duping isn’t happening… I’m just saying a screenshot found on discord isn’t proof)

Nope it isn’t and you don’t, but you aren’t going to convince anyone that you are right (which is what you are trying to do) without it.

No one denies that gold was duped, but it is my understanding that most of the duped gold has been removed. I don’t have any reason to believe otherwise (for example: Is there rampant inflation on your server? How much does iron ore sell for?).

Very mature.

Can you provide evidence of htis? Or is it just what you believe?

I couldnt read anything past alot.

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If there were millions of duped gold on my server I would see its effects, mostly in the form of rampant inflation. I see no such thing. Prices fluxuate from time to time but I have no evidence that millions of gold have been injected into my server’s economy so I have no reason to believe that any gold that was duped was not removed.

That’s how this works.

So no, you don’t have evidence, you are just caught up in the hype. Got it.

There is no evidence of duped gold on my server, so I don’t believe there is a problem with duped gold.

You believe there is a problem with duped gold but have no evidence to support your belief.

You should take a basic logic classs.

There is evidence of duped gold on my server, and I have no reason to believe that AGS has done anything about it, because there’s no evidence that they have, beyond 24 hour bans and some guy on the internet with no evidence to back up his claims beyond “I believe”.

You should take a basic logic class. With only 2 s in it.

Yes, some guy told you about it and showed you a screenshot in a discord that you are now banned from.

Very compelling.

See, I know how people like you operate. If I say, “Yes, there has been rampant inflation” the next thing you’ll do is ask for spreadsheets of hourly prices of iron between launch and the date of gold duping happening, followed by prices between then and now.

And I’m just not going to get into that with you, so as I said before, blow it out your ass.

Fresh servers will do nothing considering there’s a new dupe every other week. If they’d have done fresh servers last dupe they’d have had the current dupe. And odds are there are other lesser known dupes still this game is early access…

What server are you on? I will do the work for you.

LoL, how exactly are you going to do that? You going to time travel back to launch so you can monitor prices?

Seriously. Go away kid. You’re freaking me out at this point.