Fresh Servers for Brimstone Sands (No Transfers)



What people don’t understand about NW, it seems, is that servers are somewhat cyclical. Large groups transfer out or take a break when a company dominates the map, the server pop and competitive content drops, so that company transfers to the current high-pop server. Then people transfer back in, seeing an opportunity to rebuild, new companies are formed, and a new dominant company rises to the top. Rinse, repeat. If there are no transfers in and out, the server population will just die because the late game content gets stagnant without that dynamism and companies will transfer out once things get boring.

Fresh start servers will only last a month or two before getting merged.

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LOL so you want to split the already dwindling player base?

Terrible idea and such servers would only last a few weeks.


Well I can say this much. I don’t care what debates or arguments the community on these boards who stuck with this game have been having on this topic. I read about brimstone this morning and brought it up in our discord.

Every single person agrees that after all the ridiculous release bugs, exploits of every type, mass duping and everything in between we wouldn’t care if brimstone added 30 new zones, countless weapons and skills, the crafting system of star wars galaxies and the pvp sieging of dark age of Camelot… if they don’t offer new servers without transfers none of us are reinstalling.

No skin off our backs if they don’t. No one’s really missing new world but it’d be nice to have something to play for the holidays. Balls in amazons court.


In reality, restarting the game wont save the game, fresh start is not to attract new players.

Fresh start attracts small portion of returning players and current players that want to be big fish in small pond (Ain’t no way for new players can follow their progession pace). Then, it will leave the old servers dead.

I played since launch, now im full BIS geared and way over gold cap with nothing to do. Fixing end game content, company activites and PVP along with ladder system should be NW’s focus.

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Name the fresh server ‘Big Fish Small Pond’?

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This would be amazing and no transfers to these servers for like a year. Let them build up.

Fresh start servers are just not a great idea and I hope AGS realizes that it’s not only a complete waste of time, but also a waste of resources that could instead be used to make the game better for everybody. The game is already organically growing massively without fresh start servers and guess what, people are having an amazing time on already established servers.

All of the veteran players know too well that most of those seasonal players who think they only want to give the game a shot based on the condition that they get their own, exclusive server will quit shortly after the honeymoon phase of that “launch feeling” all of them are chasing is gone again and they realize that the equal playing field they’re looking for simply is non-existant. And all that’s going to be left is a dead server that does not allow merges or transfers.

If you’re truly interested in playing the game again, just hop on and have fun with the community that has kept the game above water for the past 12 months. It’s honestly been great seeing the influx of lower level players after only seeing max level players for months and it truly made the game feel alive again. And instead of adding onto that, fresh start servers only create seperation. Split Communities, Split Development resources.

This might be a hot take, but if people only want to play New World if they get their shiny, fresh server, I’m more than happy if they just go and play some other games instead.

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And that’s precisely what OP wants.

Devalue everything all existing players worked for during the time he was gone.

Almost no current players would join new dead servers anyway, so do it and watch it fail.

That’s my only worry and why I reject this bad idea.

OP mentions exploits and dupes but those happened over half a year ago, and have 0 impact on the game’s economy today.

It’s a shabby excuse to “be the big fish in small pond” as Richard described it.

If no one is missing it, why the post? This seems more like a veiled threat than a reflection of reality

Do you even know how game development works? How is a new server “a resource that could instead be used for make the game better for everybody”?

Also, you have to consider that even the current servers can’t support the incoming new/returning players to the point that they have to create new servers just to accommodate them. Brimstone Sands release is gonna bring in even more players. AGS is gonna release new servers anyway, so including a fresh server for these new/returning players is justifiable. It alleviates queues and creates a good experience for them. Why would it bother you so much if these new/returning players chose not to play on your server? lmao

Having a fresh server should only be in case that all the current server are queue and that prevent new player to come play its should not be in any case effect other player. What they needed now when they taking about fresh server is open new server were pvp is not option meaning that when you leave town you are flag, its so easy to make just removed the pvp option easy + player should be able to transfert there and not like start fresh at lvl1 because that so dumb lets people choose if you wish to pvp then go to pvp server / if you wish to pve then stay on pve server easy

saying that brimstone sands = fresh server like its not good ideas honestly make like great cleave and all other map where its can be cap to prevent any strong guild to be rich OR even better make that new region pure flag for a month such a event idk

this was posted in another thread, thought I’d drop it here.


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+1 I would make me a new character only to play with the friends that are thinking to try the game.

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Hey! I can see both sides of the argument to opening a new server with no transfers and not to. There are valid points on each side. Thank you guys for making your points. I’m going to send up the feedback for consideration.

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OP mentions exploits and dupes but those happened over half a year ago, and have 0 impact on the game’s economy today.

Not sure if this is true or not. From what I hear there is not enough gold sinks in the game to get rid of that gold, that gold is still being passed around the market to this day which means inflation. I also hear there are plenty of companies sitting around still capped out on gold from stuff like this. That gold doesnt just dissappear over time it gets passed around in the market without enough gold sinks.

How is inflation a bad thing anyway if it affects all servers equally?
All that matters is that the “injustice” has been removed.

Even IRL not all currencies have the same value, compare the Dollar to Yen for instance.

New World definitely has not stopped bleeding players. It still has the exact same player retention issues it had. They havent reverted the post launch changes that everyone hated. Theres still no PVP, and Stagger is still gone. Just because the player counts are up from all the Brimstone Sands advertisements on youtube, does not mean player retention will stay. The numbers will continue to climb until the expansion + fresh start servers are released, and then roughly 2 months after the numbers will plummet. Player retention wont return to what it was pre-launch, while its still in this casualized post-launch state.

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