Fresh Servers for Brimstone Sands (No Transfers)

+1 I would make me a new character only to play with the friends that are thinking to try the game.

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Hey! I can see both sides of the argument to opening a new server with no transfers and not to. There are valid points on each side. Thank you guys for making your points. I’m going to send up the feedback for consideration.

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OP mentions exploits and dupes but those happened over half a year ago, and have 0 impact on the game’s economy today.

Not sure if this is true or not. From what I hear there is not enough gold sinks in the game to get rid of that gold, that gold is still being passed around the market to this day which means inflation. I also hear there are plenty of companies sitting around still capped out on gold from stuff like this. That gold doesnt just dissappear over time it gets passed around in the market without enough gold sinks.

How is inflation a bad thing anyway if it affects all servers equally?
All that matters is that the “injustice” has been removed.

Even IRL not all currencies have the same value, compare the Dollar to Yen for instance.

New World definitely has not stopped bleeding players. It still has the exact same player retention issues it had. They havent reverted the post launch changes that everyone hated. Theres still no PVP, and Stagger is still gone. Just because the player counts are up from all the Brimstone Sands advertisements on youtube, does not mean player retention will stay. The numbers will continue to climb until the expansion + fresh start servers are released, and then roughly 2 months after the numbers will plummet. Player retention wont return to what it was pre-launch, while its still in this casualized post-launch state.