Fresh servers. Is this a joke?

The open world pvp will be poppin on fresh servers, thats one way to positively look at it from your perspective.

I think they should do a pvp flagged server but I dont think it will do well personally.


pvp servers would end up dieing just like fresh start servers


If they didn’t have factions and if they either reintroduced scaling OR made killing players way lower level useless… I don’t think I agree. They’d have to merge PvP servers into other PvP servers (because they would be wildly popular at launch and because the server structure is problematic)… But there would always be done PvP servers, I guarantee that.

what would you do on this pvp server?

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Same thing we do on PvE servers (plus lots of PvP against players who actually want to PvP)? You do realize PvP servers are pretty standard for MMOs right??

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just dropping this here


just flag for pvp dude, easy no need pvp servers


btw 10k people answered to fresh servers and just a few wants pvp servers so i dont think you ll get that, because that s a very bad ideea if you want to do pvp just flag for pvp!


did you try other servers, maybe your current one is too pve focused
I think if you poke a fort of one of the top companies, they will come running, lots of PVP, probably lots of grey screen too:)

This was not a hype train, this was a serious request to bring players back to the game
and attract new players base.

-Your request is baseless and nothing to support it, please explain:
-Why do you want pvp servers? How is it going to help? etc…
-There is tons of pvp if you go defend against a zerg that pushes.
-Also the fact that hardly anyone tried to stop pushes is a good indicator that no one really cares that much about world pvp, otherwise we would see 100v100 out there during pushes


I see so much open world pvp now that i am surprised they dont have a pvp only server.

Hmmm. Let’s say 10% of players REALLY REALLY like PvP. And to keep things simple, we’ll say there are 100,000 players and 2k per server. Do you think it would be best for everyone involved to spread those 10,000 who REALLY REALLY like PvP across 50 servers (200 per server). OR… does it make sense to centralize those like-minded players on 5 servers?

Making sense???


I think your numbers are really inflated. Unless during prime time there are 6 or 7 OPR running at the same time. I am all for pvp servers, but i just dont see it or think it should happen now. I think they should have leaderboards and rankings for openworld. Titles and maybe special perks for higher ranks, kind of like daoc had. More tanglible open world objectives would be nice also. A few more maps for OPR, and make OPR cross-server que. Right now it is like they just made a quick map and said “go”. If they made a pvp server now, it would be great for a week or two. The pvp is really bland, not spicey enough.

I am also for fresh “no transfer” normal servers…once 1-60 leveling experience is completed and territory control is revamped. Not now.

Just my opinion though.

Oh my numbers were absolutely completely made up lol…

I’m just saying, it makes logical sense to cram PvP freaks into the same servers. I think there’s enough interest to say least fill ONE server per region.

The ONLY thing that could maybe kill the whole thing would be the faction system …

Yeah, i am not a big fan of how they have the factions set up. 1 minute me and you could be on opposites sides of a war, and the next running an expedition together. I would be killing you over and over again 1 minute, then healing you the next. Kind of weird right?


but there is not that many servers now, and people find each other in mmos, we as a community can make one unofficial pvp server if we really wanted

btw did you try to ask around if there is any current server with mostly pvp oriented communities?

Not really. You still can’t kill bots. You can still have members in your company farming without threat of death. It’s a completely different game…

If there were ONLY PvP servers, do you really think anyone would accept someone saying “just make a community PvE server where everyone agrees not to PvP?”


Sure…. Group all the pvp players in one server.

So when the PVE players want to play OPR or Arena there will be not enough matches

The pvp players will also complain the market are too inflated and economies are in ruins. Infused potions cost 50 gold cause everyone needs and no one makes.

Solution is cross server arena and OPR
Open world pvp already exist just that there are bullying and ganking measures in place…

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why is silly?

one example there was a a bug in new world that made the war and invasion at the same time, and the top companies on the server decided to keep peace till AGS fix things

the server community shapes the server, especially with such smaller server population like new world

and i agree cross server system should be a priority