Fresh Start Merges Needed ASAP

I am on EU Dracul and can’t play the game, OPR can only be played twice a day at a set time when everyone queues just for Gypsum, Arena takes hours to happen, and can’t find people for Mutations, the economy is a disaster, there are no crafters, can’t play the game, pretty sure this is the case for other servers as well, please merge Fresh Servers ASAP, people already quit, my friends want to quit as well, they can’t play the game. How no one sees this issue and does something? Everyone will just stop playing, idk how u guys can do the same mistake you did a year ago now that you actually have the system in place for merges…
Thank you!

Same thing here over at Cybele. Pops low. End game is very hard and one faction controls every territory. Literally game breaking.

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