Fresh Start 'Seasonal' Servers!

What if we had these Fresh Start Servers implemented in ‘seasons’ with unique rewards that you retain when your done with the season?

The idea is:

  1. Every few months we get a fresh start server that lasts exactly 1 month. Think of it as seasonal servers.
  2. You get to port one of your characters to the server (so you retain your username) but obviously you have nothing with you when you go there as it’s a fresh start
  3. Each fresh start has a theming to it to make it unique. Maybe all the monsters have different mutations on them this season? Etc.
  4. I’m not a huge PvP guy but maybe to keep things fresh this could be full pvp.
  5. At the end of the season you get to take everything you collected on the seasonal server back to your original server. Maybe you get unique stuff in the seasonal server? Maybe better resources loot, etc.

(You’d basically be able to play on both your original server and the seasonal server. The motivation being these unique loots your getting, a fresh experience with unique themings and a more dangerous world)

Happy to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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I’m for weekly.

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One month is a big ask for 95% of players. Three months would be more realistic, but I doubt the New World early-mid game has the strength and replayability to justify this.

Also people would just learn the one thing that levels the quickest and do that, so very little creativity and engagement here. Compared to other games that do this, like Diablo, there’s all sorts of RNG and mid-run planning that goes on. In New World you’d know exactly how the first 80 hours would play out.

Thanks for the comment! I get where your coming from for sure.

The time frame could be anything really - 1 month or 3 months or even 6 months etc.

I personally don’t think the idea of this is to race to max lvl - rather a harsher world (maybe like division dark zones?) that your playing in temporarily to take rewards back. I also agree with you that if it was the exact same world that we were playing in then it wouldn’t be as interesting. Which is why I suggested some type of mutation theming, etc to make the experience more unique.

Of course the idea is a lot of work but just thought I’d share it

Let’s just do permadeath full loot. And reset it every hour. Or i guess just make a battleroyale mode.


Yes let’s do a battle royale mode instead actually. I like that

Lol hahah

Ah it’s started. Asking for fresh start servers every new update.

I’m not sure if my post is being misunderstood. Sorry if it is. I didn’t really state this next part explicitly.

My point is if we’re have fresh servers - they should offer something of a different experience. And maybe seasonal servers is the way to go with it being significantly different and with the ability to take what you earn back to where you are originally playing.

If not, I feel these fresh servers would just die out after people are done with trying the story out.

No mans sky does this and it works well, but this dev team is smaller than no mans sky as evidence of the speed they release anything (the next update was stuff worked on prior to launch, it was just not ready for last years launch).

So I agree with the OP’s idea, but it would not work in this game due to the lack of manpower.

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