Fresh Start Server Questions

Hey all!

I’m currently going through and gathering a few questions for the team to look at concerning the fresh start servers.

Anything you’re wondering about?
We won’t be able to answer them all but it’s great to know what you’re questioning.


Thanks for heeding the kind feedback.

We want to know how long will the servers be locked from transfers.
Is there a 3rd character creation slot in the making.


Will fresh start servers be temporarily or permanently locked from legacy servers? I think most are assuming it’s a temporary lock. I think making them permanent is a significant mistake. Temporary like 6 months sounds like fun. I do not see any value in fragmenting the community so early on. If they are to be permanent, then how will they interact with cross server queues?


no fresh start


Just to add I feel 3 months is fair.
You only need 1 month to hit 60 and the hardcore players probably 1 week or less.


Add in the new levelling experience for the fresh start servers :moyai:


Will there be a fresh start server for OCE?


Thanks for listening community :slight_smile:
My questions is: 1) ofc about transfers. Players from current servers can transfer into fresh start? Can players from fresh serversh make transfer into old servers? Can fresh servers players make transfer between freshes.
2) If Nightwish event will starts with BS update and fresh servers, new players will not be able to take part in it in the first few days?
3) Will be double exp events for new players to increase trading skills?


For sure, honesty 3-6 months seems the most likely to me. I think it’s tough that they announced fresh start servers without clarifying these things, which has some people concerned about fragmenting the community so early on, especially with future development of the game and features (cross-server queues).


Make the server player limit 1k and open 4-5 sub channels. That’s the only need
More than 1000 players cause lag and bugs.

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if the fresh start server pop drops, does that mean itll just be merged on a legacy server?
or will it be merged with another fresh server?


6 months is way too long, I think 3 months would be the max and would line up with their next big patch.
We seem to getting a patch each quarter.


Would also, sorry for multiple questions, if these are to be temporary 6 month (or whatever) lockout servers. Would it be possible to get these again in the future? As someone that has been playing consistently since release I would love to enjoy a fresh start experience but I almost want to wait for another wave when the lvl 25-60 experience has also can revamped. Just another thought.


Will there be a SA server for SA players?


English pls

he means always on pvp


I think their question is and they can chime in if needed to correct me, but they are asking if there will be forced PVP options of these servers.

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Will there be a SEA server for SEA players?


sorry for my lack of English, I was referring to mandatory pvp servers

@Shadow_Fox - My first question would be… Are these servers at least (please) starting with transfers disabled so people can (100%) start fresh and, if so, would you have (at the very least) a “rough” idea of when transfers may be turned back on? I mean… the hope would be “never” but I’m sure most would consider it unrealistic.

Also… (slightly unrelated to fresh servers but tangentially related) I’m 100% sure we’re going to get a massive influx of people back to the game once the expansion drops. That’s probably a given and you guys are obviously preparing for it. My question would be, though… If people leave again, can we please “not” do server merges and just leave the servers alone?

I ask this due to I’m sure there will be an “ebb and flow” of sorts to this game where tons of people come back to try and it, while some may stay, I’m sure others will complain and leave (as always) which… 100% fine. Not bashing them.

That said, though… Once another exciting thing happens in the game, I’m sure those people will be back again and… yes… they may even leave again, hence the “ebb and flow” but my point would be that it’s a bit annoying (to me, anyways) that you guys have a ton of servers, merge them down to nothing and now, when people are coming back, make more servers again. My terror point is that if people leave, you guys are going to merge servers again and then, when people come back later, make “more” servers, etc…

It’s just a never ending exasperation point. I’m not sure how all my other brother and sister gamers feel but I, for one, would love it if you guys just committed to “x” amount of servers and left them alone. If you need to make more later, that’s fine too but… always go forward, never go back. Going back is always bad :slight_smile:

Thank you.