Fresh Start Server Questions

I stopped New world in February, the only reason that could make me come back with all my community is a fresh start server without any character transfer.
I think You will bring back a lot of players
So lets try this ! (Fresh start with FR/EN DE/EN obviously) Thx If you do this be sure we will be there for the winter and the year 2023


Not been playing for 6-7 months now, am considering coming back. Fresh start servers with a promise that they would remain free of the past, free from legacy transfers, and remain so indefinitely - would weigh very heavily in favour of my decision to come back.

There. My 2 cents.


If you do fresh start servers, please lock territory tax income to only be usable for territory upkeep and upgrades. The ridiculous inflation will be back before you know it if this doesn’t happen.

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Why ask for questions but then touch zero of them? Tone deaf to your audience I guess.


Fresh Starts are a myth made up by a YouTuber.

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The Game Dev saying we will have fresh start server news soon


The Forum Moderator saying we will have fresh start server news soon


Another Dev also hinting at fresh servers (this one is very new on the 28th)

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With the creation of fresh servers, will you be also increasing the character slot per region to 3?

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Give us fresh servers !!!


im worried about players coming in and all picking one faction and making it lopsided again , and im worried about ridiculous taxes from guilds . that more then anything has killed the game outright . where on many servers the TAXES are set way too high and theres lopsided factions and when that happens the top guilds will start trading territory for gold . This is what killed the main game for many players . Please put a number limit per faction and then make it for fresh servers only that the devs set the taxes . I dont think the community can be mature enough not to troll the whole server like on normal servers . Ive been there and ive done that i would love to come back to the game if we get fresh start servers . Please consider upping the toon limit to 3 slots . People liek to make alts to try different builds etc . Also is all our store bought outfits , decos etc will these also work on these fresh start servers ? When will we also get a tmog system ?

Will you wait until the whole levelling experience is revamped or just for the current revamp.

every newly started player will start on the new server and old servers will die slowly. Do you have any action regarding this issue? Will there be a transition from the old server to the new server after a while?

Look what i found… asked the question one year ago.
I mean it was actually logical to something like this to happen (fresh start).

Yeah boy the “I’ve been asking for fresh start servers for 1 year gang”!!! We should get a medal :slight_smile:

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yeah right? it was pretty obvious thing to happen. But i still went thru all the struggles the vets are so proud of and still want that beefy fresh start xD

I was on and off again, as I play other games too. I remember buy 200k Orichalcum Ore @0.01 for 2000 gold becuase everyone was mining the infinite respawning node and when I came back 5 months later Orichalcum Ore was selling for 4 gold.

my other question is will all our twitch drops be account wide so if i was to start on one of these new servers all my store bought items /decos/ twitch prime skins would still be there for me to use correct ?

So these are servers that other people can transfer to? pff , i really wanted to level up to a server starting from 0 ,with no transfers… … that’s a pity :confused:

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I just want to know a “Yes/No” and Date.

I cna then decide what to do. Currently stopped playing to not waste my time on current character if I choose to start again on transfer locked fresh server.

you know if everyone made a new toon fast enough might be able to cap the server and prevent transfers. there’s your fresh start server.

now go and light the beacon and off to the reddits