Fresh Start Server Questions

Are we getting fresh start servers for South America? Economy is fucked up on Devaloka and I just want to start new, without big guilds coming to my server and destroying everything.


Maybe, even make it so that unequipped items drop upon death? But even just a single pvp server would be so amazing.

ok thank god

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ summon fresh start servers

When will it be launched? October 17th? hahaha

This is still being decided but it will be anywhere from at least 6 months to possibly forever. The same goes for merges.


All regions will have at least one fresh start server. Specifics will be announced closer to Nov 2 so folks can plan, but for sure there will be at least one in each region along with a third character slot so everyone can join without having to choose which legacy character to delete.


Its crazy for the people that say that this is a good move:
You lose the hype, players are excited for the new update but they have to wait 2 weeks before they can play it or start on a server where an item is 500k … this just seems like a way to protect your servers and seems like you dont even want players to come back


No, the plan is for these to either never merge or only merge with fresh start if we have to. This may change based on future info, but this is what we are planning.


The third slot confirmation should be in the official announcement, in my opinion.


We are still gathering all the FAQs and will have updated comms closer to Nov 2. We wanted to get the date out first and foremost.

Alright that’s all from me for now, gotta get back into it…


So with this confirmed date, will the new user experience be coming with Brimstone Sands on the 18th or patched in with the Fresh Start’s on Nov 2?

I don´t understand… You invite new players to start leveling in legacy servers? why?
I just don´t get it


They are indeed loosing the people that are hyped.Many of the players that haven’t stopped playing won’t agree with me.But delaying the fresh starts servers with 2 weeks.Just because they want to check if they have a problems with brimstone sands is stupid.Stupid because in the fresh start server we begin from 0.And we can’t go to brimstone sands anyway.At least for me if it’s full of bugs I won’t care because I will have to level up before going there.They will have time to fix that thing.I mean u can’t expect people just to agree on everything u “NW Team” taking as an action.U guys saw the hype just when u announced that working on fresh start servers.And now killing the hype is very “logical” move from “New world team”.
Anyway I will still play it.I have 60 level character.I will play in the fresh start servers.But loosing at least 30% of the hyped people just because delaying it.It’s bad decision.
Love New World.But can’t always like the decisions that u guys taking…

You do not need an FAQ to put out basic information like this. 3rd slot, merge plan and all. It’s been discussed for weeks if not months already.

Just come up front with all the info, with a disclamer that the merge plan can change if you think it actually might change. Giving info out little by little is just creating anger towards your team.

Im saving this.

I’m interested in having a 3rd character. Some of us have 2 dedicated characters and would not mind going for a 3rd but I do not want to delete a character to play fresh starts

@Kay Any plan to be able to play 2 characters on the same server ? To experience the new restarting experience and have the chance to play something else instead switching our build and our gear all of the time ? Same Houses, same Banks … just more spaces from Inventory Bags.

@Kay Will the fresh come with the rework of the settlements? or any update added?

We do need an FAQ, because we would like to answer as many frequently asked questions as we can at once, in a meaningful way that is localized to the languages we support so everyone gets a chance to comfortably read through the responses that are most important to them.

The FAQ will be out close to Nov 2.