Fresh Start Server Questions

every newly started player will start on the new server and old servers will die slowly. Do you have any action regarding this issue? Will there be a transition from the old server to the new server after a while?

Look what i found… asked the question one year ago.
I mean it was actually logical to something like this to happen (fresh start).

Yeah boy the “I’ve been asking for fresh start servers for 1 year gang”!!! We should get a medal :slight_smile:

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yeah right? it was pretty obvious thing to happen. But i still went thru all the struggles the vets are so proud of and still want that beefy fresh start xD

I was on and off again, as I play other games too. I remember buy 200k Orichalcum Ore @0.01 for 2000 gold becuase everyone was mining the infinite respawning node and when I came back 5 months later Orichalcum Ore was selling for 4 gold.

my other question is will all our twitch drops be account wide so if i was to start on one of these new servers all my store bought items /decos/ twitch prime skins would still be there for me to use correct ?

So these are servers that other people can transfer to? pff , i really wanted to level up to a server starting from 0 ,with no transfers… … that’s a pity :confused:

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I just want to know a “Yes/No” and Date.

I cna then decide what to do. Currently stopped playing to not waste my time on current character if I choose to start again on transfer locked fresh server.

you know if everyone made a new toon fast enough might be able to cap the server and prevent transfers. there’s your fresh start server.

now go and light the beacon and off to the reddits


FYI - Posted 8 Hours Ago

Yikes. Sort of figured they would be re-considering as I had mentioned in a previous post.

Cant say im surprised. Tempering expectations.

Well condiering how many YouTubers are click baiting their videos with them just for the hits. I am not surprised we got info.

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After all the hype I surely hope ya’ll will be pushing out some fresh start servers. Myself and multiple others in my group will be coming back but only on a fresh server.

Bruh, you call whatever that guy said “info”? He literally said nothing and even if he said no fresh start I’d only believe it from a CM, not from an AGS customer service guy (no offence tho)…

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all cosmetics, twitch drops. amazon prime, and bought in store are account wide so can be used on any character you make

From PTR:

It takes 1-3 days to get to 60
It takes about a week to get to craft 200.

Trust me, legacy servers are never going to die. Most of the hype around those server are returning players. Sure there is also many vets but most if not all servers are allready at cap and overbooked. There is also going to be new and returning players that join the legacy servers.

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There will definitely be some really competitive 60s going to fresh start to dominate new players, but there’s a 0% chance they will abandon characters with 1-3k hours of progress on.

When I see people say legacy server will die I just laugh to myself.

I am all for making the rise to 60 take less time, but I think they went waaaaaay too far with it. It sounds like you won’t be able to enjoy side quests without being extremely over powered for the main quest line.

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