Fresh Start Server Questions

I’m interested in having a 3rd character. Some of us have 2 dedicated characters and would not mind going for a 3rd but I do not want to delete a character to play fresh starts

@Kay Any plan to be able to play 2 characters on the same server ? To experience the new restarting experience and have the chance to play something else instead switching our build and our gear all of the time ? Same Houses, same Banks … just more spaces from Inventory Bags.

@Kay Will the fresh come with the rework of the settlements? or any update added?

We do need an FAQ, because we would like to answer as many frequently asked questions as we can at once, in a meaningful way that is localized to the languages we support so everyone gets a chance to comfortably read through the responses that are most important to them.

The FAQ will be out close to Nov 2.


Avoid Tax Bullying

I will call it this way, but what I mean is that for the first weeks the max tax rate limit for all types should be lower. Else some early governing companies may make leveling for other less invested players lot harder by maxing out the taxes.

November 2nd? thats so dumm. So if i want to start over i have to wait extra or play something i dont want to and then start over again?? i mena there is such hype around fresh start and Brimstone and you guys the the exact oposite everybody was expecting. You are making people play something they dont want to or make them wait extra more. Ofcourse people who dont care about fresh its not problem for them. But man this is so bad what you are doing, such a wasted oportunity. It was supposed to be the other way around, fresh first than brimstone or all in once.

BAD BAD move.

Will you add previous seasonal cosmetics and/or twitch drops to the store again for those who missed them the first time? ( If you keep transfers disabled forever it wouldn’t take away from the “exclusivity” of the items on legacy servers. :slight_smile: )

still bummed i missed the beta twitch drop golden armor cosmetic :frowning:

surely theres a chance of a SEA fresh start server too? :saluting_face:

So its hard to understand ur decision u want to give us a stable experience on fresh start so that means the update now isnt ready? Why it was so long on PTR? How u want to test 1-25 lvl experience? For me u can give me only weapon and lvling experience and fresh servers 1st and new area can be 2 weeks later. Seriously sit down and think about it once again.

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Thanks for the update today!

How many FS servers will there be per region?
Will we get a server list beforehand so we can plan with friends?
Do to have a good gauge on how many people are planning to play FS so there’s enough capacity?


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I couldn’t agree more.

My question would be, what guarantee will be made that fresh servers will NEVER be open to transfers from the economic cesspool of legacy servers?

They have said that each Region is getting at lease 1 Fresh Start Server. Possibly more if they believe the Region requires it.

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They have said at least 1 per Region but more if required.
They plan on a FAQ post prior to the launch of the FSS to inform people of everything.

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Any PvP Fresh Server in mind? It would be awesome, and it won’t affect the non-pvp player base

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Nov? So the fresh start server isn’t launching with the new content update?

How many people are going to play at all when the new content hits when they want to wait to start on fresh servers next month?

Guess I’ll have to find a new game to play in the meantime. This is quite disappointing.

Correct. Announcement today said Fresh Start opens Nov 2.

@Kay Is the Thrid char slot 100% confirmed?
I want to give another perspective that this can be a mistake.
I think that fresh servers will feel the same as an old one in a month with the current plan.
2 weeks after brimstone launch is more than enough for big try hard grps to join fresh (without making a choice on where to play) with 100 players and dominate it very easily against a new/fresh player base.
I dont think November 2 is a problem at all, but a third char slot would be detrimental imo.
IF the focus is on the new/returning player that didnt even hit max lvl, i would go even further and make it that u cant create a char on fresh if u have ANY char on same region.
What if we have 1 server like this, and the rest free for all?
Thank you

We got the Egyptian skins, but what about the Rome style ones that where teased the other day?

With the management changes where all taxes is set to low, and everyone is low level will it ever be even close to possible to break even on territories? Last I checked, upgrading cost money, upkeep cost money, people wont have houses and now you only earn 2%?

1-2 years or until gold is = in legacy server is dawae
Specially since you guys are specifically doing, because legacy servers are kinda busted with all economy and stuff and might take sometime to it be in the right spot again.