Fresh Start Server Questions

What would be the reason for opening fresh servers to players from old servers, ever?

I mean, isn’t it kinda against the very idea of fresh servers? In a sense that if someone wants to start a new character but is not bothered by old players, it’s very easy to do so already on any existing server that allows new character creation.

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the biggest issue for me is the issue of shell companies, or alliances. When the same group of hardcore 50 people can participate in multiple wars per day and win them all as long as they have the best lineup and spread out the timings across the day.

On all the servers that I played Windsward and Everfall were owned by the same group of people 95% of the time. They were mostly content with this pre-tax change as they still controlled 90% of the server profits. Now they will react by capturing more land. I joined my legacy server and one faction controls 10 territories. If it happens on my FSS I will just quit New World for good.

There were talks that you are going to introduce limits on jumping between companies and force companies to bring their own people (a substantial % of the roster) to the wars instead of relying on mercenaries so much. War weariness was also suggested to prevent behavior like this. Where are these changes?

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If transfers are ever allowed put a cap on how much gold they can bring over

no please.

if would be, please at least fs to fs so let fs players ruin some other lol, not a legacy mega company.

I’m still lurking and waiting…

Is there any information about what time the Fresh start servers will be open on the 2nd of November?

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Also when you guys gonna start addressing the stuff which is really necessary for the fresh start? Glad you guys already added the territory income.
But the wars rolster? wars/shell company cooldown (if possible 1week or 1 month).

All these are already in the game or will be implemented still? (company/war related)

I’m curious as what you meant by this.
Did you mean 1 week or 1 month cooldown for switching companies, cooldown for participating in a war after joining a new company or cooldown for joining wars?

this one, right now is 3 days, could make it 1 week and if they want a good fix 1 month is the way.

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I played a LOT on PTR first phase up to lvl 35/40 and was very fun and entertaining. Dinged lvl 35 in just 6-8 hours of playing. What happens over lvl 40? Is a return to the regular grind with town / faction missions that are over boring, slow and grindy?

Last few months had some personal issues that kept me home (read jobless). Therefore I advanced very fast by playing minimum 8 hours/day. What are the chances for a more mature “audience” that have a job and also have a family so they can hardly spend 2-3 hours/day for gaming? People over 25 are just excluded from MMO’s based on their age and social status? Blizzard solved this issue by allowing alts, so there were a constant flux of “new” players.

Regarding the fresh start, every jobless person nor kids will rush for the end content/world first, so when we arrive there will be no group content for us since everyone is done already and they farm the M10 content. Therefore we repeat the same problems the live servers had. And being into a company does not help. When u have a 625 GS, you hardly have any motivation to run regular dungeons.

Also, there is one thing I did not understood … most of the mutations grinders have several gear sets. How the heck I can afford this luxury while the umbrals are so hard to aquire for a casual player. Casual…read=persons with an actual job and family. Wish that we all can be streamers and earm money just by playing games. Real life says NO.

PS: Brimstone and fresh servers are a huge upgrade for NW. Keep it up, that you! This is not a ranmt, just some fair concerns.


How many servers are you planning to open for fresh? From my old NW companies and friends there are less than 10 playing even with brimstone sands update but I know close to 50 inactive players who are considering seriously or definitely coming for fresh starts. I just hope that there wont be massive queues just because there isn’t enough fresh servers. Imo 100-150k isn’t unrealistic number for the fresh launch.

Hello! I still have the same question when will you open new regions with servers ( Korea, China , Japan) ? It is very important to play a PVP game with ~100 ping! but to play with ping 180+ against those who have ping 20 (I’m talking about Australians) I have such ping 180+ everywhere! so changing to existing regions will not help! but to make new ones, as I wrote, will help a lot of people and bring even more people into the game. Thanks a lot.

Wait?! I’m playing on a ruined server? ! Why am I always the last to know!


Are we getting SEA servers when fresh start servers come out?

Looking to take some time off, do we have an approx time of launch for EU fresh start yet?

Few questions to the devs.

  1. What was the choice not to release/start fresh start servers, brimstone sands and character exp event at the same time?

  2. Why halloween event is only for characters at level 35 and greater? level 20 would be better imo.

If halloween event’s level requirement would be lower and character exp event could be going when fresh start servers get released, that would probably bring new/more players in. Also,
for example players whose characters aren’t level 35 and who have jobs and can’t play much during weekdays, are missing out on halloween event. Weird choices if you ask me.

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This is the best fucking idea ever, anyone who disagree is the active people in the community which are and wishes to expose the transfers to the new servers and ruin the entire experience for anyone ever joining the game. Fresh Start Servers is why I and many others even decided to purchase the game in the first place, because this was the promise. I will require refunds if not released in the end like so. Amazon games, great job, this is a MMORPG move I wish that more games would follow. It’s the only way! Just make sure to marketise it enough!

Everyone says the Start Date for launching the Fresh Start as 2nd of November, but no one said the time we can log in?

This. I quit after the initial launch solely because of the bugs, duping, and terrible launch experience. One of the many things on my list required for coming back was Fresh servers. If the Fresh servers are going to end up back with the duped servers, then I’m out again. I put 450 Hours into the game before quitting. They Need to really make sure they are on their game this time around to bring people back and to keep them.


any word on the steady stream of information? Nov 2nd quickly approaches. some of us are taking time off from work to really dive into the fresh start worlds you are creating for us. It would be great to have a bit more information so that we can plan. The group I’m part of has around 40 people planning to start new characters there. (PVE focused, we are not rushing to take a town or anything). We are trying to figure out how to handle the situation where some people start immediately and a server is full before others get home from work.

Some questions:
Will we be able to transfer between fresh start worlds after a week or so? I’d hate to take time off from work and then have to start all over again on another server to join up with others in the company.

What time are the servers opening up? (I wouldn’t want to take a day off only to find that they are not open in the morning.)

Will there be more than one server available per region at launch? Could we get the names so that we can at least try to get on the same server?

Thanks for the fresh start worlds. It is the reason I came back. I can’t wait to join everyone and gear up together.