Fresh Start Server Questions

We are now 3-4 workdays away from Nov 2, and all this information that’s meant to be posted ‘closer to Nov 2 so folks can plan’ has yet to be seen.

You doing alright?

  1. confirm 3rd character slot
  2. confirm no leveling / xp bonuses. For me 1-60 and story are better than the gear grind. Start of gear grind is where i quit after 700 hours. Don’t care how easy you make it is boring and not value added compared to leveling, crafting, and invasions… for me.
  3. Confirm xfers only between fresh start severs or out of a fresh start server. No toons coming in from a pre-existing server
  4. Confirm fresh start servers will be available again once you fix the economy in Q1/Q2 of 2023 since fresh start servers will eventually have same issues given nothing changing in this area.

Even if they released it with BSS you wouldn’t be able to participate any way as you wouldn’t be lvl 60 for a hot min and you’d still be watching streams. Same with the Halloween event as you have to be lvl 35 and have alot of people doing it at the same time.

That’s because times haven’t been announced yet

Why did your team mess up fresh starts already with phased rollout of hourly single servers per region ? Why so few servers? The phased release is also a bad… Why not give assurance that players can transfer early when populations settle after launch day so groups and friends can play early game together? A short lived transfer token for new fresh start servers could help.

What will you do when there is another dupe or exploit on the FSS?

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Why do you feel it is ok to split the community into two?

You should unlock fresh start servers after a decided timeframe. Otherwise you have split the community. And furthermore, you are admitting there is something wrong with legacy (which there is not)


Will a 3rd character slot be included with Fresh Start?
Will legacy servers get a gold cap increase once Fresh Start launches?

Oh look!

We need an answer on that

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Yes an answer to this would be appreciated.

Quit duh. No reason to play a broken game in 2022+

They never fully banned or fixed the problem so they lost faith from legit players and considering 90% of their community quit means I’m not in the minority.

Yeah there are almost no broken games launched every year and almost no game that looses their player base.

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How have FSS been “fixed”?

What is a “legit player”?

Why come back to a “broken game”?

I probably should’ve posted here.

Impending doom on Fresh Start Servers that needs looked at

I am in St.Louis and basically chicago time and it is 11:11am and still no medea East is not showing up is there a delay? Please let me know thanks! :slight_smile:

I am waiting for the first fresh start servers to appear which no luck and it is 11am central time and I went back to my old account and there is now a 3rd slot for all accounts to answer your question.

please dont feed the troll

@Cupara had the questions. Not me.