Fresh Start server?

I feel this could be fun

let us have a bit of the magic of release again

many people. big desync. many campfires

ban transfers for 1 year into the server only fresh characteres


It is available right now, it is called the PTR. hehe


Curious why anyone need a new server to start over?


reset the map / gold / community. Lure in new players who don’t want to play with people already at the top.


As an old player who quit due to all the inconvenience that happend early on i can say a FRESH server would make me and a bunch of friends come back to the game, we cba playing on an already established server where alot of inconvenience happend (cba listing them all)

and hearing alot of positive feedback from the PTR changes makes me wanna come back even more (i won’t come back if i have to play on any of the old servers tho)



The same people will just get at the top again. Fresh servers will be FILLED with gold farmers and buyers.

It’ll legit just be a concentrated amount of toxicity and real world trading.


Then come over to the PTR and help make it a better experience. You get the fresh start and get a say in how things progress. I would also recommend just hopping on a server with lower pop. I hope the devs open a new server or two when this goes live in Oct.

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YES! Please give us new servers (realms) with fresh economy and no server transfers from the old servers.


I don’t under stand what you expect to achieve by propriortizing server under separate rule sets. it took a year to consolidate ever server into a couple small full servers, and sucked for most. Now you make posts to split the community up into smaller segregated groups where there is no population to split.

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Because i know that there are people with tens even hundreds of millions of gold, resources and gear because of the exploits that happend. People just want fresh starts.


It would be fun to do it all over again.

That really bothers some people because it wouldn’t be fun for them?

I dunno

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People don’t want to play with economies that have been ruined via duping. Not sure how you don’t understand this. My group would come back if they offered a fresh start server where we don’t have to compete with companies and people that duped millions worth of gold.

This is also the wide consensus in the sub-reddit as well which is why Amazon has mentioned the possibility of offering fresh start servers.


I second this.

Nothing beats that fresh start experience. It would be especially good to have with the upcoming changes that are supposed to improve level 1-25 experience.


All the servers are currently full right now, where do you want all the new people to go???

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Adding a voice here:
Yes, i would rejoin to the game on a fresh start-server with transfer ban (only newly created characters)


  • Because reset in a -fixed- game is something i enjoy and look forward to
  • I don’t mind leveling up all skills again, its part of the fun (if all sources of broken balance iterations were to be removed, i.e. wood chopping slain mobs = more yield compared to gathering from a node…)

But, x will be y and z so its a bad idea cause i say so:
There is truth in statements of both sides. It is up to the deves to figure out all balance changes needed to have a functioning and healthy long term economy, then offer a reset world to people who left and were asking for a reset since last year, months after launch (me). Additionally managing overload on existing servers and try/fail approach when to merge what servers.

In conclusion from my pov, a reset world offers more advantages to try out a fresh start experience ONLY if they have mastered the engine and shut down any hacks, bugs and game breaking issues that happened up until now. I have doubts, honestly.


I would Also love a fresh start server, one that has not been gold exploited, or dupes, and My wish would be that the server does NOT allow server transfers at all. so even if they just add 1, and no transfers, I would start fresh again. specially with all these new changes, new lands, new weapons.


Not exactly what you want but [Notice] Adding Additional Servers to Central EU, US-East, and South America


Waiting around half year for new fresh server without dupped gold and copied items. Gonna bet my acc that if any day there will be fresh server the transfers will be possible also xD


How about a new one without transfers on the WC?


They won’t open a fresh server start while the leveling 1-25 is getting rebranded on PTR, not sure where are you guyz logic