Fresh Start server?

The BIS item is a bigger struggle to get then lvl 60, GS or expertise.

Edit: for “normal” players. Those who have endless gold its the easiest thing in the world to get.

You really only need a 2 perker to be competitive. If you want more than that there’s a lego you can get from PVP tracks. Resil gear are easier acquired nowadays don’t need endless gold.

Although like in every MMO, oceanic gets shafted.

AGS have totally revamped the starting experience.

That feeling of playing in a world brimming with life - of new players everywhere. It’s an amazing experience. It’s why wow classic was a huge hit.

You market this as a revamped world, you probably have a no man’s sky / Final Fantasy scenario of a come back.

Just add one new, fresh server to each zone and a tonne of players will flood back.

There is already so much hype over this patch, capitalise on it

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I just want to play. I bought this game to play not Queue. How can these times be ok to the developers

if you have full purple set you are missing/lacking 5 perks. You trying saying that it would not give a big disadvantage in pvp?

Resil gear is kinda last year when it comes to pvp. Its not worthless in anyway but fortify stacking and freedom is even more important. So is ref for some weapons (like life staff).

Tell me what full set of ref-move, resil, shirk fort cost with the right stats.

I don’t think fresh start servers would fix anything unless they fix the territory ownership gold machine. The whole process would just repeat itself.

At this point, eggs duped a year ago aren’t anywhere near the impact on the economy as the basic mechanics are.

If they fix that AND don’t allow transfers in for maybe 3 months or so, I’d restart on a fresh server.

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They have made changes to this already (in the patch that is coming)

Also alot of exploits that made it possible for company to take and hold the territories for a long time is also fixed.

A temporary transfer lock is no fix and is only going to postpone the problem. When transfer is open players with endless gold is coming with bis and unlimited gold.

If we ever going to get a “fresh start” server it need to be a fresh server with no transfer atleast one year from release.

I think 6 months feels like the sweet spot, don’t think they should do anything less than 3 months and approaching a year is likely too long. This all of course later after they implement the changes to territory control. Anything permanent will likely just isolate the dedicated people that never left and stuck with them this entire time.

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Make this happen Amazon, let people experience the newbie rush again. The most fun I’ve had in New World was during the first month when we ran into random pvp fights everywhere in the open world. Nobody had the perfect gear, nobody had the perfect builds, it was just pure chaos. People declared wars and fought using lvl 25 characters! Non-min/max, no guild drama, it was just pure crazy fun. This is what New World is known for, it’s what really drew people in to New World in the first place.

Both new players and old would love to enjoy New World all over again with the fresh updated lvl 1-25 new player experience, and re-live the magic. And frankly, I would love to do it again just so I can enjoy all that, without all the bugs that prevented progression smoothly at launch. Please launch at least 2 new fresh, non-transfer servers for each region. These will be packed to the max, you know it, I know it. Make it happen please, thanks.


Unless they have their heads in the sand they have to be thinking about it. Archeage is about to do it’s like 10th fresh start. There’s no way they would do that many if it wasn’t profitable and that game has a terrible reputation. Even if it only retains like 10% of players after 6 months it’s a win.

Let me tell you this as someone who played NW for its economy purely.

Economy is super inflated to the point a piece of equipment can cost more than the intended gold cap. It’s an economy where casual players can earn 1 percent of the max gold cap per couple of hours of gameplay. The reason why it’s so broken is because of territory income imbalance which they will be fixing soon. Early on the server TP we’re localised and so EF and WW were earning millions per day, again gold cap is 500k. You add in the early NW mayhem and the biggest incompetence they made was reducing housing taxes while territory owners still getting the full housing tax price and so it created a hyper inflation since houses were printing money out of nowhere. I left when I noticed all t4-t5 mays were all getting bought out no matter what the price is at a certain time of the day. This is when I found out ultra rich company had millions of gold in stash. They weren’t even buying them to craft but just to hoard and stop other companies from catching up. I’m sure they fixed the issues and the mergers made ultra rich companies vs other rich companies but the damage has been done. There’s a reason NW went as low as 10k players when the projected average players were 80k-100k.

Sweaty players or companies will always comes up on top for sure just like in every mmo. That’s totally fine for everyone as long as it’s done in a somewhat balanced game.


im talking about when new update releases, this new servers that they are trying to put they should put at least 2 server, many suggested around 3 server, but again they just take their time to listen to us and like to do their slow way, so they gonna open 1 server… I mean SA servers there are Queue of 2.4k opening one more server is “like” all those 2.4k on queue go for new server and some more come play and then again both server will be with queue, so the minimum they could do is 2 server.

But no matter either way they at least are opening 1, it is worth our 40 dollar payment in the game and i am thankfull for it.

hell yes, for the release, all new locked servers are a must. AGS can’t F this one up, this time for good.

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They haven’t fixed the territory income yet that inflates the economy and creates the Haves and Have Nots. They have said it’s on their radar, but until that gets fixed we’ll be right back to good gear being priced far beyond what the underdogs can compete for.

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No it wouldn’t, seriously that guy is mostly at the top of leaderboards. He’s just good at what he does, dodges stuns and doesn’t use it as a gap maker. You don’t need all 5x 3-perk gear to be competitive. Or if you want that, there’s some gear that can be found in the PVP track list. It has Resilient + Shirking Heals + Refreshing, just play PVP and in Tracks 5+ you’ll find them.

There is no problem to transfer FROM a fresh server or merge the fresh server with a “normal” server in case the fresh server dies. The main reason for a fresh server is that it should be fresh. A company that have “ownd” a server for 1 and half year can move over to a 6 month old fresh server is just going to take the entire point away from the fresh server.


As much as I’d enjoy a pure fresh start locked server, now that i’ve seen the 1-25 changes I honestly think it’d be better if they wait until the entire leveling process is revamped, territory ownership creating “wage gaps” is fixed, and OPR/Dungeons are cross-server. At that point the game will be a far cry from what it was during initial launch and a fresh start would probably entice more people. Almost a 2.0 type of thing.


i might be wrong, but from my understanding it is a part of the incoming October patch

The problem with that is that i think that is something that is so far in the future and then it might be to late. Even so when that happens in a year + it should not be a issue to start fresh again. Its all about giveing players options and listening to feedback. If the next big MMO is releaseing full version or a EA then its just that much harder to hock players.

Cross server OPR/Dungeons helps only for old servers and old characters. Why should new players play with/against full geared “old” players in leveling or PvP events? Do you like to be “handicapped” in competition?

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