Fresh Start server?

I would hope that cross-server PvP would also include some sort of matchmaking system.

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You do realize people would still like to queue, and actually get to play, 3v3s while leveling and dungeons exist below 625 right?

You are out of touch with the economy.
Still stuck at the stage where items are above cap and need mats in addition.

Seriously, just come back and learn the facts before you post.

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Wait for brimstone then, likely only non-transferable server only then. And eventually servers will be unlocked.

People stayed on and should be rewarded. People who left need to play catch up. It’s fair.

Pretty sure most people would be 100% happy with this. They just want it to be confirmed.

A fresh server allows players to catch up, except it’s all the people on the server catching up and they’re not in the bottom 1% catching up by themselves. It’s tons more fun for people this way.

Easing the barrier of entry even if it’s just an illusion of easing it will attract more players.

I agree because as a especially new player even returning player with all the exploits that where in the game an the unbalanced nature of the territory owning mechanics docent matter how much time you put in you will never catch up to 99% of these players an will always have a feeling of being so far behind , i feel bad for new player that come in an realize that’s the case because that will happen.

Honestly what is there to catch up on?

Unless there is a leaderboard I dun see what you need to desperately catch up on?

This could be a potential game changer. The problem is, this will keep players happy for a few months, then it’s back to square one. They could implement seasons every 9 months, similar to POE, but they would have to change a lot for that to work. Still, a fresh start server would be nice

Why create new servers and open them for transfers. Why did I bother coming back. New World never ceases to disappoint me. I should have known better. Won’t be fooled again.

This server(s) is for current population.

  • If the game has more and more players old servers can’t let them in. = create new server!
  • If the game has less and less players and there are some low population/empty servers = server merge, less server
    This is standard optimization of resources.

REAL fresh start server should generate higher population because it offers something different. Its join in point for new players and it’s more competitive environment. “old” players can chose old or new server, but they will lose nothing. They can turn back to old server and old character any time. Its win-win situation :slight_smile:

If the population is high that means no reason to open server for transfer of old characters. If the server will have low population it should be merged to other server. Static timings are useless. Maybe some “safe periods” (3 months), but nothing static extreme long terms. Just keep pumping new servers based on changes of population. If we have more servers =and population) company can handle changes better. Merge “fresh servers” is less problematic than merge to old “broken” servers. If we have 1 “special” server that will be vulnerable.

I still hope that after the release of Brimstone Sands and after polishing the economy, they will launch real Fresh servers :pray:

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So complicated is it to understand that we will not have a fresh server until the end of the expansion?

All servers are full now. We need some extra new servers. If players can’t log in to the server than the game can’t bring more players back. 2250x number of servers is hard cap…

For those who still play the game, why do you care about new servers without transfers?
Let ppl come back the game from 0.
Keep playing on your servers :smiley:


I hope amazon considers this

100% would return on a fresh server. that is ofc amazon can deliver on the bugs/exploits and city economy issues.

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No west coast? I don’t really wan to play at 200 ping.

I can’t speak about the situation now because I was out of the game for a long time. But at the start there were so many exploits and bugs that as a player you felt like things you do don’t matter because other people are just cheating their way there. This kills any motivation to continue investing time into this game. Other people or companies having more gold or stuff is not the issue, as a midrange player on the casual to hardcore spectrum I expect a lot of people having more progression than me. Following the development and news about New World this situation just got worst after I stopped playing. This is why I would not come back to a broken system that had so many issues and would like to start on a clean and fresh server where the integrity of the ingame economy is still intact and will be kept that way.


Hey all!

We hear you on Fresh Start servers and we think they’re cool too :wink:

We’ll have more information in the coming weeks.


knew it <3

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