Fresh Start server?

Nice !

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we need it

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New fresh start server confirmed! Thank you so much, you’ll make lots of people happy.

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Lets goooo!!!

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And another slot for a characters, plz!

noice :heart_eyes:

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I’m glad we won’t have 300 topics / everyday on this topic anymore


Fresh start w/ some accommodation for 40-60 please! Otherwise I’m worried people might get burnt out post the revamped starting experience :sweat_smile:

Official petition to bring back Belovodye please

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I think fresh start servers are a good idea AFTER the territory management revamp goes live. The current game design will just lend itself to the same problem on live: hardcore players/companies will be untouchable getting rich off Everfall and Windsward.

Five-head gaming made a video on it New World Brimstone Sands Fresh Servers? Or Should We Wait For Territory Revamp? - YouTube


LETS GO WE NEED THAT LUXENDRA PLEASE :slight_smile: strong text

you made my day, a great day!!! you da best bro…we hope that fresh start and you gonna see over 100k players again!!!

Very happy to hear that … i hope you just make it simple… " New server " with no transfers !

You guys are super cute if you don’t think the current 100 or so players in this game who have an alt on every server and are in every war on an alt wont be on this new server and dominate it too.


If fresh start severs are introduced please add another slot for characters per region to 3 please.

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Precisely why fresh start makes zero sense :joy: they’ll buy another copy and wallah lol can’t force good players to quit

I logged on the forums just to let you guys know, If this fresh start server happens I’m giving it another shot. I’m still a bit frustrated with my weapon (musket) combat since the last time I played, but with the changes and new experience I have high hopes.


Nice! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:

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Did they add queue grace period if you crash or disconnect? If not it should be top priority before Brimstone and Fresh start.

Being fodder for 1000+ hours in a hobby with no side attraction to break the pain to catch up. Does not sound like game that’ll have a thriving PvP scene. Sounds like a game made only for sadists and masochists. All others need not apply.

Yes, I do agree.

It’s not about them stopping people from coming back.

It’s more about than asserting their dominance on another person instead of themselves for once. Most these people have either been bullied or fucked over their whole lives and want to make others feel that pain. They are sadists for the most part.

Yeah, a non-transferable fresh start server, will make me interested enough to start back grinding in New World again.

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