Fresh start servers, calling it now

I know bro :worried:

I don’t really see them being able to do a lot with the territory system.

It seems like, to me, they’re implementing some sort of war cool down, requiring a certain amount of in house players to be on the declaring companys war roster, and redistributing wealth some how.

Big changes, but 2 will be countered by larger companys that already have established alts. Will be better than the current system though.

This isn’t really the only thing that players complain about with the main game. A big thing, but not the only thing. Casuals still wont be slotted or gain any real territory :rofl:

Like it or not, AGS already have the hardcore playerbase, they want the casuals, every game should keep a influx of new players, who may or may not bacome hardcore.

If 10% of these new casuals streamer followers decide to stay, it’s still a win, and yes, every server will merge again.

Can these people be unable to transfer out as well?

Worst parts of the playerbase have been pushing this and would rather not have big streamers dominate this world and then transfer out with their simps in tow.

As long as they make merges available after 6 months or so I don’t see a problem with it. Let the players get their experience and when most of them quit by that time they’ll be able to merge. If no merges I see big issues in the future.

  1. sweats get 60 in a couple days
  2. sweats take ww/ef
  3. wealth gap intensifies
  4. casuals complain they have fallen behind
  5. servers slowly die

but hey let’s open some fresh servers because it will be fun for a week or two :joy:


Hard agree with this post.

Bandwagon players wont reach even level 60 as they didn’t before and won’t again now. The veteran players will play it for a few weeks, realize that they need to get everything by hand from crafting to gathering, get burned out and go back to their main server.

AH will be empty of any decent gear. People will get bored of grinding stuff from scratch.
Servers will die out and we back where we started.

New Players will get shafted the most since they will have to grind for so long just to get the gear which is pennies on the established servers.

Meanwhile gold sellers and RMT -ers will be laughing all the way to the bank

I would love these servers but this seems way too early. This ace in the sleeve needs to hold off for now.


The idea of fresh servers stems from wow classic doing the same thing a month ago and it being successful. They also had stipulations where nobody could transfer in to these fresh servers for a certain amount of days (I think 90) and they would evaluate the health of the server at the point point to see if they would open transfers at that point. The same idea would apply here, I would say block transfers for at least 2 months, give the player base time to level up together and monitor server health like they do with every other server. Not sure why y’all are making these fantasies in your head about how this server turns out, at worst it fizzles down in pop after a month or so and they merge it into another server.

Also gold farmers are already on servers, it would take longer for them to accumulate wealth to sell on fresh servers with no transfers. There is no logic in this post, you seem upset by players that left the game after release and believe they are casuals or fanboys of a content creator.

Where are you finding this posted? about fresh start servers


Not really. These are players that legit play the game for a living. Some will run multiple accounts along side bots.

They will spend an insane amount of time playing the game. They will go after whats most profitable at the time, and spam the market with it.

Could not care less about the players that left. They started due to game being over hyped, and left due to disappointment and their favorite content creators talking down about it.

What I am upset about, is the possibility of catering to them and using resources, when they won’t even stick around.

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Gold farmers and sellers will be as rampant as they are on the regular servers because they can just set up bots and camp resource. I’m not against fresh servers but I’m also not naive as to think it will turn out how these casuals think it would.

First, the levelling experience. So 1-25 is going to be revamped for the Brimstone Sands expansion which is likely when these Fresh servers are going to come about. Do you guys ever remember anyone complaining about the 1-30 grind at launch? Because I sure as hell remember everyone enjoying that part of the game and it only becoming a slog after 30+. Players will get to level 25, 30 or even 40/50 then realize it’s the same game and the same grind that they gave up on a year ago at launch.

Second, the ‘fair start’. One of the main reasons all these returning players are saying they want this is because of dupes. While they most certainly happened, it did not affect the economy long term at all and I’d argue the economy is even stronger today than what it was at launch. Moreover, dupes were a drop in the bucket compared to how much gold companies make on a weekly basis owning Everfall or Windsward. These same tryhard companies are most definitely going to start over and fast track their way to 60 and 600+ gs gear in a week or less, take the main cities+the gold they generate and these casual players are going to be left in the dust again and will lose any motivation to continue going because how different are these servers actually going to be than the other ones the casual players had no hope in being the top dogs as they think they would be?

Fresh servers will be fresh for a week then the magic will disappear and the reality will be set for the returning players that fought so hard for this and will just find something else to play.


Already bracing myself for all the returning Andys on the forums complaining after a week or two that other, more experienced players completely steamrolled them. Just so funny to see how delusional most of those players are, thinking they’re going to start on a new server with an even playing field.


Servers dead three months later.


Even if it goes off perfectly it’s just going to take a while to get where all the developed servers are at then they are going to completely mirror normal servers regardless I recon

The trading posts are going to look exactly the same

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Fresh start crowd is definitely 100% blinded by hype, guessing it’s the same people who unironically think duped voidbent from 9 months ago is the reason they’re bad at the game today.

Sounds cool until you realize you have to grind all your skills up again, the first few weeks you won’t be able to craft or refine anything because everything is at T1. You won’t recapture the experience of the first few months, unfortunately. Everyone knows what’s up now, there’s going to be no exploring, experimentation, finding new stuff, etc.

And, of course, it’s practically guaranteed that mega-companies will swoop in and take over the servers (which we already saw on the recently opened servers, where these mega-companies were paying cheaters to speedhack and buy all the territories). Most already have 3-4 alts across various servers and regions to hold as much territory as possible, the fresh start servers won’t be an exception to this.

Fresh start servers are doomed to die. Rather than be some kind of idyllic new experience, they’ll just be speedrunning the launch-to-now timeline and end up in the exact same place.

The only exception is if AGS solves the issue of toxic mega-companies. They’ve taken steps in the right direction, but it will probably be several more months until there’s a noticable decrease in their ability to control and kill servers.


Reading that so frequently from people as the primary reason why they don‘t want to join the already established servers. They honestly think that people that are dominating the game right now only do so because of exploits during the launch period. Puzzling to say the least.

People just don‘t know what they‘re asking for and sheeps keep joining in as a part of the herd mentality not even understanding why they would want fresh start servers in the first place. The expectations are just unrealistic and I think people will find out sooner than later.


Man, fresh start servers should have been the last selling point of this game after improving the game. There are still things left to improve and fresh servers could make or break the game again.

As many pointed out, bots will thrive, no question about that. Returning players will join these servers just to realize lvl-ing is still boring after a certain level and there are still issues with the game, especially in PVP.

Old players will join, have a good experience for a couple of weeks and be burned out from hard pushing levels and farming.

I don’t know, I still think they need to balance weapons/armor and limit trade skills to 3-4 per character. If everyone can level up every trade skill, it’s going to be the same as it was in the second month: Multiple players camping the same resource nodes, prices going all over the place, company players rotating daily crafts because they can afford it and premades dominating OPR and arena

Don’t even get me started with all content creators making guides again on how to get x trading skill to 200 the fastest way, how to farm x gold/h the best, how to get x resource faster, etc. While content creators are bringing people in, they also remove the magic from the game…but there’s nothing AGS can do about this, so it is what it is

They did mention company income will be looked into, so I guess that’s a start

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I’m glad I’m reading some common sense on Thoses forums. Anyways , any actual NW players know this server won’t even make 2-3 weeks. People REALLY underestimate the grind you put into your character and have some pink glasses about how EVERYTHING was hype and cool the first couple weeks. ( I’m putting them with the same category of pvp server ) just flag up and go fight fort , there is always world pvp not sure what Thoses guyz are smoking lol

You forgot to mention since it’s a potato server with no economy only wallet warriors and sweaty neckbeards will afford to establish their crafts with trophies to 200 and could quite literally gear lock newbs until they have total server domination