Fresh Start Servers merge

I’m wondering what the dev are waiting to do a merge for fresh start servers. These servers are litterally dying right now. Do something.

5pm btw


^^what he said

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Same for Eu ones ,these servers realy need merges

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Maybe they are waiting to see how many people come back for the new season and content. I don’t think it’s going to be as many people as they hope though. A lot of people gave New World a second chance with Brimstone. I don’t think as many people are going to give it a third chance. They just need to merge all these servers and let the people who are actually still playing the game have fun.


#MERGE Seer + Lilith + Amarah into ONE SERVER!!!

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Seer + Amarah Merger when?

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All of my buddies that came back for BS have quit again. A few of them have permanently sworn off ever returning to the game because of the move to Seasons. I mean, it doesn’t bother me, but apparently it’s a big deal to them.

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they should just merge both seer and amarah into lilith

just another chapter in the book of how this game was killed by its own dev team


Open cross server and cross region activities.
No need this merge problem every month.

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After waiting over 1.5hrs to try and get a healer to join an M10 Ennead Mutated run and then having to log out of the game due to time restrictions and never finding that healer, I agree merges need to happen. Even if 3,000 people were to come back between those three servers, having a 30-60 minute queue is better than being 1,000 under the server cap.

all fresh servers have low pop even my server Kronos(best most crowded in EU) same issue. this patch so late for current players tbh. There is no patient left to waste. :slightly_frowning_face:

me and all my company quit cus we cant do any opr or mutetd and arena , this dev killed the game

I mean I understand it because I’m not a huge fan of the seasonal model. The game just went a different direction than I originally hoped for and that happens.

If that’s the switch they want to make then so be it. I hope the game is successful, it’s just not something that brings me as a player back to it.

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I’m convinced they don’t want to merge because of leaderboards. I have a feeling they don’t have a way to transfer and merge the two servers leaderboards and are aware how pissed people will be when they lose their spot after grinding something on a dead server

If true, that would be understandable but tragic.

Average pop down to 19k players now. From 28k in Jan, 42k in Dec and 67k in Nov. pretty safe to say the game is dying, at a dramatic pace. Pretty soon I see it under 13k which is the all time low. This team of devs literally has no clue what they are doing. Servers have been dying off for weeks upon weeks and no merges in sight. You can’t even transfer off of these fresh start servers. I just don’t get it. 90% of the time I can do a full scarab chest run without seeing 1 other player. It’ll only get worse once this patch goes live.

Servers = dead (not just fresh start, legacy dead too)

Soon the game will be completely dead. Its sad imo. New World will forever be known as the MMO of “what could of been”

Devs you have failed in epic fashion. Maybe it is not your fault, maybe the game has awful spaghetti code and awful servers, or maybe it is your fault, either way, man what this game could of been.

See you guys in Riot’s MMORPG.

Peace out

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