Fresh Start Servers merge


They said they would never merge FSS into legacy servers. It’s in the FSS FAQ. They can merge FSS with FSS though.

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And FSS also can transfer soon.

Developers said they’d never do a lot of things and did! They said that without knowing FS was going to be a failure lol.

Soon? Where did you EVER see that.

and they said we can’t transfer first ~6 months.
So, they can open it tomorrow or in 2-3 months.

I don’t know. Katy said on a dev video not too long ago that they’d let fresh starts die before merging with legacy.

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Quite hard to say what would be the best to do.
In short term ideally would be to do merges now. But if with season patch will return more players we might end up in hours of queue - people gonna complain again “why did merges?”.

Temporary I’ve abandoned my characters from Fresh Servers and I’m having fun on Legacy Servers.
24 days remained … but in these days Amazon can lose players who dont have characters on Legacy servers and cant do anything on the dead Fresh Servers.

Tomorrow please thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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devs keep saying they are aware of player feedback
someday they will reply and realise there are no players to merge
and say
job’s done


I Think they will not merge any server until the new patch come out, because if new patch bring players back to the game, they will have a problem with traffic on servers, they will problably after few weeks when new patch come and no one joined the game again… i hope i’m wrong here and the merges come tomorrow!

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I also think it’s time to give out people a FREE transfer token or least give people an opportunity to buy one working for fresh start servers

same problem in EU. can’t even get 5 people together to do dynasty regular or tempest regular to progress main story quest.

ps. tried doing the SOLO quest option but the dynasty quest bugged -sigh- so my only hope is doing the dungeon.

How is it bugged?

it seems amazon games gave checked out

I have 2 free transfer tokens lol… problem is you can’t use them cuz transfers are not allowed on Amarah :angry:. I totally understand not allowing transfers TO fresh start, but what valid reason is there for not allowing a transfer OFF of fresh starts? It makes no sense.

Bump, hopefully soon. But looks like AGS has fallen back into their old ways sadge.

i dont understand , team just watching this topics or just acting blind ? i cant even sure what is going on. I feel like DonoWall

Oh, forgot about it, 750 players peak on nyx is this still an MMO ?
Merge fresh servers , please :pleading_face:

I mean, Dark Age of Camelot free shard server has more active players than Amarah does lol… that’s a 20 year old MMO but the devs actually listen to players feedback.