Fresh Start servers - New player

Hey everyone and amazon as a new player im thorn at the moment. While there are no official news about the Fresh servers everyone is talking about them. I started on a newly added server on the EU and now im wondering if its worth playing and putting hours if just a fresh start server will appear and everyone will go there… Whats the point of playing so Im here to ask is this speculation about the fresh start servers and what is the best action plan for me if they will be added. Dont want to grind levels like mad im 30 lvl at the moment but its time nontheless.

Thank you!

If you are already 30, why to make a fresh start?

Continue to play.

Well if i level up and everyone migrates especialy from the new server it will be a wasted time and effort

Fresh servers will come but for now you can learn some stuff in old server. The more you know before fresh start the easier will be to play in them

If you enjoy the game right now, can find peers to help out with low level quests and make some money off the auction house than by all means continue playing. If you are looking for a launch experience where everyone is doing the same content as you, where auction house is full of useful items for your level or you just like to compete than wait for fresh start servers.

There is official info from amazon. Make better research

Not info a teaser that they will think about it and say something in the coming weeks atleast thats what ive found.

I would recommend downloading the PTR and delving into the new plot so as not to waste time and just swing and know the pitfalls in the plot. Test new weapons. And then wait for a fresh server without a transfer :upside_down_face:

There is actually some news about fresh start servers there is a good chance it will happen.

you need to take some information with a grain of salt - Amazon has not yet position themselves officially about it, in fact it makes absolutely no sense to put fresh servers unless they can guarantee there are no more dupes and heavy exploits, which I think they can’t… so I’d say this is months and months yet to come, if it will ever come.

and case this comes, the servers will likely be on the new version called Brimstone Sands which releases a new territory… while questing at the moment on live servers may not be a decent way to level up (in fact is a horrible way) on the new version is rather decent, at least the very start… so all experience you earn now can be used later, you will likely do in 2 hours what took you 20 hours initially, because a) you know what to do and b) you know what builds to use.

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