Fresh Start Servers Nov 2 (Confirmed)

What da faq?

I figured they would release these at least a week before Brimstone…


Interesting choice. Makes sense fromt he backend afterall.

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Makes sence they focus on brimstone release now to make sure that goes smooth and then they can work on the fresh start servers for 2 weeks.

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We’d rather be able to knock out any potential issues that arise and focus on releasing a gigantic update instead of opening everything up on one day.


It would have relieved pressure on the Brimstone zone, now you’ll have every single person in that zone…


Work on what exactly? It’s a server… they open and close them at will. This one has transfer disable, that’s it. Like what? xD

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The portion about no legacy players being able to transfer in - is this permanent?

The wording makes it sound like fresh start servers can transfer btwn fresh start servers, but legacy players will never be allowed to transfer in. Really hope this is true.

But it would have spread players out, now you will have every single player competing for spawns/quests at once. This will probably cause more problems than you can imagine. 1-2k players in the same zone, it will be bad…

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We have a date now at least. We can all go back to what we were doing for the rest of the month.

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I thought the exact same thing. Its a rule on a server.

Hope it’s not true…

A permanent divided player base is a HORRIBLE idea. Especially when the game is insanely niche.

Fresh servers will be a ghost town by feb or march anyways…


Exactly my thinking, it might damper some hype for some folks, but that’s small price to pay for what could possibly happen…

Do you mean other way around? Sounds like the great reset and legacy servers are going to turn into a ghost town by January.

3-4 months seems like it would be worth it. nothing lasts forever.

No one will be able to transfer in but unfortunately I cannot say if that will change in the future.


We can now stop posting about FSS, but everyone knows that people who demand it are just GenZ gamers that can’t wait and just want everything NOW. Be ready to have topics : 2 November is too late you missed the hype and all

So they wanted information and now that they have a date they all crying lmao :rofl:


There was certainly a lot of talk about when would be the best time for the servers.
If you think about it, the best decision for the new players’ experience is to have two weeks for possible bug fixes after the biggest update the game ever received.
In two three months no one will care about the two weeks, but if the experience for new players is tarnished right at launch, it will have significantly more negative impact on those players.


Yeah, company have to think more longterm than players who get hyped about two weeks launch

I’m all good for it being a bit later