Fresh Start Servers Nov 2 (Confirmed)

Well it unfortunately makes sense. We know and they know too that they will definitely mess things up with the new update, so it’s wiser to postpone fresh start servers. I just wish they had a better QA team and we didn’t have to be afraid of new content breaking the game…

Yea chek all Thoses people whining , they wanted a date and now that they have a date they want a new date ? get over yourselves HOLY, I can’t stand Thoses types of gamer

In the last video, they already said that they want to significantly increase the quality of the updates and will take more time to ensure this goal. So yes, currently it is not good, but they know it and are working on it.

People wouldn’t get the gear for brimstone in 1-2 weeks anyways. That area is not that easy

Eventho I wanted fss soon I think it’s a good choice. It’s not like it’s so far away anyways…
But as we all know, with each update there’s tons of bugs so better take care of those for fresh servers. Will they be able to fix them all before Nov.? That I don’t know but I’d hope so

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I don’t think you understand the problem. You’re going to have every max level player in 1 zone, all competing for the same spawns/quests/resources. That means like 1-2k players in one zone. There will be huge bottle necks for quest NPC’s etc, even worse than release. Also how will the server’s handle 1-2k players in the same zone? Fresh start servers before the Brimstone release might have reduced some of this congestion

6 months minimum to possibly forever before legacy servers are even considered for allowing transfers into the fresh start servers.

I understand the reasoning behind the delay for the release of the fresh start servers, unfortunate however for me specifically as I had a week vacation coming up and was sorta hoping to play the game like crazy during that time. Now the timing is kinda weird, like do I jump in on Oct 18th on a legacy server so I can partake in the Halloween event or do I wait until the FSS in Nov and play something else in the mean time.

November-December is also packed with game releases, it’ll be harder to dedicate as much time to NW as I would have wanted.

Not a complaint mind you, I’d rather they nail the launch of Brimstone Sands and the launch of the FSS rather than rush everything. Gotta do what’s best for the game. Just gonna be a lot of thinking on my end to figure out what I’m gonna play when.

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So just imagine a load of dupes surface on Brimstone which also effect the new servers. This completely negates the point of them.

They’re 100% correct to release them at a later date.

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Although I would of preferred it sooner, at least I got bone labs to pass the time :slight_smile:

This makes perfect sense.

it will 100% kill the hype MOST ppl who asked for these wanted them to be released with brimstone. Feels like AGS is a small indie company. 1 mishap into the next. Why o why cant you just do things to make ppl happy for once lol. just heads up I didn’t ask for these I just was going to play them cuz there was a large group of friends waiting for them and prob will just play other games now because of this. So by that account I prob will take off too, cuz if i want to go play a game where the company TIME gates everything. Ill go play Wow or 14 thats the truth. Just my thoughts can flame me if you want.


Another terrible decision


holy duck so i need to choose to play on brimstone release or wait soooooooo long for fresh start?
Amazon u lost this time -_- how the duck u need time to prepare for new servers u doing it alot of times just without transfers


Then open the darn servers a week before brimstone like we all want and expected!!!


I’m an active forum / player user . I got 2.5K hours IG too, thanks for your concern though

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That was a really Dumb move What people whos waiting for Fresh are gonna do 2 weeks well hype is gone and people move on thats was gonna happen they dont understand nobody wants to comeback to legacy servers jesus. The right release day for fresh servers suppose to be this or next week. Guys why you always ruined everything even when the community is asking to revive a game that was with a player base of 13k players and now is 40k just because fresh servers ?


It’s the ''working on the FSS server that I was refering to in this post, like it’s a new complete type of server and not just a regular one with transfer disabled.

I get it now for the delay of opening them,the dupes, that’s the only reason I think the delay is valid. Other bugs are just always a thing, you learn to live with it.

whats late, so we pass the half event :roll_eyes:

Be careful :rofl: