Fresh Start Servers Nov 2 (Confirmed)

Please tell me you actually expect to be able to transfer into the fresh start server from a server with established character. Fresh. Start.

what a loss… been waiting for a while for some news on this… not really what i was hoping for and not sure i’ll wait for another month to play the game and rolling on a current server seems like a waste when thats not what i actually want to play. too bad.


I can’t wait for after Fresh Starts launch…


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I think it was a bad move on his side, the game will always have bugs, and making people stay waiting to ensure a clean relaunch it´s the wrong way, there is a mistake for sure, and you can lose more than you win.


Imagine they released the fresh start servers with Brimestone and there was just 1 bug/exploit that 1 person was able to find and completely ruin the server on day 1 ? You realize people wanted fresh start servers to avoid this shit right?

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So your theory is that ALL those players who want fresh start servers aren’t going to bother waiting 2 weeks? The whole point of fresh start servers is that it doesn’t matter what is happening on other servers.

If that’s they case, ain’t no way in hell those players are sticking around long-term anyway.


Imagine they open them 14 days later and it happens anyway? What do they have the PTR for if they’re not testing for exploits like that?

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They have the answers already. Why not just put the innformation they have in the official post and wait for more questions for their FAQ after? Cause there will 100% be mmore questions to come.

They already know there will be a 3rd slot. They already have a plan for the possible merge. Just put the information out there and show you can communicate well.

Ha Ha they should of opened them before update …Why do you think all the influx of bots they be selling to gold sellers and they will be selling to the players of the fresh start servers.

BTW I want you’ll gone from my server so I can farm again. Those fresh start servers will be swamp with bots also.

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2 weeks after brimstone sands and halloween event? Yikes


Yeah… Playing video games that ARENT New World. Seems like a wildly stupid decision on their part.

Too long… in 2 months people will have same gear as in legacy now everything is much way easier. Check it out on legacy servers how fast you are able to get BIS items for free…

I assume the Halloween event will be prolonged for and only on Fresh Start Servers by 2 weeks?

Or do you want returning players to do that on live servers?

Otherwise, FSS are coming in good quality, thats great! The timing… yeah. It is a let down for the next weeks due to communications. A transparent way could have been, to simply say

FSS were added to our schedule due to heavy player demand and we expect them to be in good condition around end of October.

But nothing goes perfectly now, does it :slight_smile: . Thank you for the information and i hope the event will include Halloween, too. Would very much like that, if possible.

Too bad. Devs stated 6 months minimum to potentially never for legacy players to trasnfer over to the fresh start servers. I really hope they stick to it.

We will see what situation will be on legacy and FFS servers, if merges will be needed they will be opened faster. Current state is that 20-30h for 60, 600 GS you can get in 1 day if you try hard game and do dungeons. Where also you drop many good items now. 20-25 Genesis with ward and bane is 1 day and you will be close to 600 GS or 600 GS and have 100k gold in wallet.


The fresh start servers will have 5 groups of players.

  1. The ones crying for fresh start. The ones that left the game months ago, because they can’t handle a grindy game. They won’t stick around.

  2. Alts. Users that have 1k+ hours (obviously an estimate and not really finite), and want to relive the start of the game. They won’t stick around.

  3. Players that just want to pvp, and want the excitement of flagged players everywhere. They won’t stick around when the game falls off.

  4. Players that want to push territories and farm gold off of the new players that still believe cannons and voidbent is the war meta. They will only war log and not really contribute to the game mode. The players being farmed, will cry on the forums due to how difficult it is to war.

  5. Bots and gold farmers. They’ll play…hardcore at first. These will be the ones that sell gold to all of the above. They’ll stick around for the longest, and the forums will be filled with players crying about not being able to gather. Thus, the gatherers won’t stick around on the fresh servers. The bots/farmers will ultimately help #4 push for max crafting sets, so they can monopolize bis gear.

Fresh start sounds good on paper. However, the economy will stablize after a few months, and it’ll be similar to how it is now, on the “legacy” servers.

Legacy is such an odd word btw. Game is only a year old, and it’s already got “legacy” servers lmao.

No biggy though. It’ll all be opened up eventually.

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I’m 1 and 3

I had a great fun time on the ptr.
I can stop here. :slightly_smiling_face:

if that will change in the future what is the difference old servers? :smiley: why open FSS

They dropped the ball with the game tied and 5 seconds left. The hype will be over and all of us who were ready to jump in right now or at the latest next week they are going to lose.

I’m not trying to be a doom and gloom but they missed the train in this one.

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