Fresh Start Servers Release Date

When is it coming? Point me in the right direction if it’s already been asked.


No official date has been confirmed yet. I thought it was going to be the 28th but since they haven’t made an announcement, the 28th doesn’t seem likely. I’m guessing they will announce it soon though! I think it will be a week after they announce it.

The recent glitches may have required them to push it back… We’ll have to see.

The correct date must be the same that the update, if they want that the game reborn with the new hype


Devblog should be up sometime this week. Thats probably when they’re gonna tease the topic

Did they even confirmed another batch of fresh server?

Not a single word for Fresh Servers in today’s devblog :slightly_frowning_face:
Althou i think it has been recorded before those were even a subject

The Game Dev saying we will have fresh start server news soon

The Forum Moderator saying we will have fresh start server news soon

Another Dev also hinting at fresh servers (this one is very new on the 28th)

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