Fresh Start Servers Remain Behind

Ah yes, the denial phase of people realizing fresh start servers will overtake their exploited servers in retention and community.
Don’t worry guys, you can enjoy the game on the fresh starts too, when they come.
Keep in mind the <85% that left have a big chunk of people waiting for fresh starts, since the exploits and dmg hacks in launch month.
As a day one player, the revamped experience along with territory changes brought in PTR are more than enough to make what launch month should’ve been, a great one.


Going to say it again, absolutely fine with them delaying fresh start servers, to make sure Brimstone is good to go.

Doing this for every update, from here on out, is a middle finger to the rest of us. It’s basically them saying that they can’t stop bugs from happening, and since they can’t get enough on the PTR to get most of the bugs fixed, before releasing to “legacy” servers, they want legacy to be the beta testers. It’s a giant middle finger to us that stuck it out from the start.

If we have to be stuck with the bugs that they can’t get out, due to the HORRIBLE game engine, then “fresh” has to do the same shit.

Yea, I know. Fully aware of this. You wont be able to tell them apart. Only difference will be that Legacy servers will have a overall higher pop, compared to fresh. Gonna be hilarious watching players cry on the forums, because of dead servers and being stuck with “competitive” companies on their server. Competitive is BS btw, most of the pop knows that the more experienced companies hop servers to farm gold off of players that they know can’t challenge them (exact same thing will happen on fresh, especially at the start)

Guess that’s true. Still waiting for the game to come out of beta testing :rofl:

So because I have played while others didnt, I get to PTR the game for them going forward? There is a PTR already.

Fresh start is not meant to be differn’t than legacy servers as far as content goes. Just a fresh start for new and returning players to get adjusted to the changes without having to deal with thousands of 625 people already running the maps.

We all know that will last all of a week on these servers, anyways. Fresh start is gonna get to the norm pretty quick.


For as sure as you guys are , you sure forgot the part where they can’t transfer in or out. And news flash, most of the good pvp players left when dmg hacks were around in the early months, this concept of “good players” nowadays is just B tiers from launch months who stuck around in the beta version of the game.

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Can’t hop from fresh to legacy (at first)

But they can hop around fresh server to fresh server lol. Atleast until the pop dwindles down to where there is only 1 or 2 fresh per region.

Are they? Or you just making that up? Weird how you say one thing, but the devs say the complete opposite of you.


i saw the 2nd one you linked but not the first.

So you want New World classic 1 year after release?

I don’t even know how this sounds like a good idea in your head.


maybe we play a different Game but where was the Leveling race fun ? it was a grind and a stupied one aswell. From lvl 1 to 60 it was the same 2 quest system go to x and kill or go to x and collect.

Thats the reason why the remade it from 1-25.

this is terrible idea, punish the people who kept the game alive for new people that’s dumb.

it take 3 days for a experienced player to make a 60 char, less then a week later there 625 farming your fresh start server.

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Again what is the punishment, this is a delay in updates for the fresh start servers. The 4 people on the PTR are not enough to test so they just push stuff to live anyways it does not affect you at all.

If you didn’t like the leveling its probably because you just did town boards, which have been massively nerfed you will not be reaching 60 in 3 days anymore and even if somehow you did so what you dominate in open world pvp for a week and then get bored and go back to your character who has everything…

Big hint here the 1% of people that stayed are not new world’s hope for the future, getting even a small percentage of those who quit to come back is.

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As a day one player, It’s a cost I’m willing to pay for a state of the game that potentially has much less of the exploiting and bug abusing going on in the current servers.

The content is exactly the same. They will get the same updates, just later.

If we could transfer our legacy characters to these servers, and the FSS still got delayed updates, no one would even bring this argument up. That would defeat the purpose though.

cooked take

I am not ok with being a PTR tester for fresh start when most people refuse to go on the PTR for the benefit of everyone in the game.

I would rather the devs have longer development cycles and release the patches in better shape, which they have said that is their plan.

I think they only need to keep the patches separate from fresh start for brimstone honestly, within a month the fresh start will be well enough along that it’ll be just another server.

all I can say is with this attitude you guys are forcing veterans to take whole map in fresh server to just ruin the game for you,stop with this “they are beta testers we deserve high quality”,you are tilting so many people who is hardcore and willing to ruin the fresh servers with their guild with this attitude


Literally no one is saying this. Us “veteran” players are saying this.

by saying “fresh servers shouldnt get patch at the same time with legacy servers” u guys are literally saying that veterans has to be some kind of beta testers.
It will be really fun to see those people who is toxic towards to veterans in fresh servers

We aren’t saying that either. That’s AGS’ plan to keep it as clean of bugs as they can. Sorry that you’ve decided to take it weirdly personally.

If FSS never existed, you would still be dealing with bugs and exploits on the current servers yes? So now, because there will be a group of players who potentially won’t be experiencing those same bugs and exploits, it’s a problem for you even though it effects you in exactly zero ways. Do you not see the pettiness and immaturity that this sounds like?

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