Fresh Start Servers Should Be Locked Forever

Maybe allow people to transfer off, but not on to a fresh start server. People coming back for this experience want it to be truly fresh, and it’s not that if characters are transferred in from other servers.

Maybe eventually they’ll have to be merged, but that should not be for years.

Also, it’s probably a bad idea to even have fresh start servers until the territory system, gear system, and other core systems have been reworked. Otherwise, the Fresh Start servers probably aren’t going to last very long, as others on these forums have indicated.


From what i’ve read, you can only transfer off, not to, the fresh start servers



IF these servers maintain a healthy population and can support not having transfers in, then sure I dont see why they should allow transfers in. Unfortunately, however, I suspect they wont be able to maintain a truly healthy population for years (no server does, its a reality of the game ).

I am all for fresh starts, I am all for them being locked for as long as they can support being locked. In time though, as they reach a similar state to the existing servers, unlocking wont have as much of an impact and might actually be good for the health of the server moving forward.



yes, but we are talking more down the road. We dont whant AGS to open transfer TO a fresh server 3-6 months in.

We want a fresh server, not a fresh start server.

A fresh server would be like olympus that just opened last week in US East. A fresh start server would make everyone who joins that server start fresh. And after 3-6 months in, it will be indistinguishable if someone was to transfer in. People would have already reached max level with BIS gear. It’s about the fresh start experience that people want. That adrenaline rush of “being the first”

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That they last as long as they have to last, whoever wants to transfer out of these servers for whatever reason, can always buy a transfer token and move to the oldest servers.

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I don’t really think people are going to have best in slot gear in 3 to 6 months though, since the gear grind is still pretty RNG heavy and gamer aversive.

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Id be good with a “never transfer in” policy for the fresh start servers. as long as the population is “healthy” like others here have said.

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You get bis jewelry from pvp now, it’s super easy to get near bis armor and weapons now too. With all the knowledge learned the past year about the game, I see no issue with companies being maxed and fully geared in 3 months. 0-60 takes less than a week. That’s over 2 1/2 months to get gear


You dont get it. Its not that we want a fresh start server, we want a fresh server.

Its not about getting to lvl 60 first, its about playing on a server without billions of gold stored around on shell companies and alts.


Thats a completely different reason than a lot of people who are interested in fresh starts, but I guess it’s a valid reason none-the-less. Most people want to join those servers to race and see who can be the best, the fastest.

I believe what you envision would just be prolonging the inevitable. You would have to have monthly resets to prevent what you wish to escape from.

Tbh, there is many reasons for a fresh server and im not here to say one reason is better then the other one.

We have servers where one company own 3-7 lands and makes many millions each week. Now think how much gold have been stored up during one year.

That brings an stupid and unwanted favor to those 10% of the playerbase conected to that server. They can insta buy BIS or decide the price on azmodium and so on.

When a new patch comes who do you think can get the bis first?

Those problems are the reason many players got turned off from this game. And if AGS decide to open a fresh server after 3-6 months i can guarantee alot of angry players and alot of players are going to leave this game again.

I would rather play on a fresh server with 1k pop then get merged with a “dirty” server and get 2500 pop and queue.

Also i do not want seasonal servers or monthly servers. The reason for the fresh server is due to dupes, unbalanced gold income and more that have been a huge issue since release.


Here’s your issues:

  1. Merges/Transfers need to be announced ahead of time and with clear dates. Its awful to sit in a state of limbo, maybe getting merged for weeks at a time.

  2. Fresh servers don’t stay fresh forever, and new players deserve to know that the fresh servers are more susceptible to a population drop/merge. Given that information, or a hard transfer/merge date, why would someone want to join a fresh server in the middle or end of its freshness lifespan?


They won’t be locked forever though. From a straight up resource perspective there is no way they’re are going to split their community in half longterm and manage two different populations for the same game separately.

Yes, they’re most likely going to merge different Fresh Start Servers first once the population inevitably drops after a couple weeks or months, but at some point (most likely when they feel like the Fresh Servers have caught up enough) they’re either going to merge Fresh Servers into the existing Legacy Servers or simply allow transfers. And that’s a good thing, because it allows features like cross-realm play to have a way bigger impact once they get introduced.

Just as a sidenote, it’s definitely insane how extremely misinformed 99% of the Fresh Start Advocates are in these threads on the forums. They just hear somebody talk about exploited money and duped items on some 10 month old video and just run with it when in reality all of those things are complete non-issues at this point.

Definitely leaves a sour taste when all those people that have not touched the game in a year come in and spread a whole bunch of misinformation & negativity in order to disincentivize others from joining the current servers.


I guess you’ve taken a poll on all returning players to get this info? It is probably true, but who told you all returning players don’t want to come back to what they had already?

Tbh i think they have to. They can get merged with other fresh servers when/if they die. My view of the fresh server is that its a huge waste of time of they can be transfered to after 3-6 months.

Just look at the new servers. After one week big companies own half or entire server and i can guarantee same would happen with fresh if the get open for transfer after 6 months.

How is this anymore splitting of community then adding more legacy servers? One server can hold 2500 players and as long a server have 1500+ players it is in a good state. Open new servers (even if fresh and locked) is not going to split the community. Some prefer fresh servers and some prefer the legacy servers.

This is no problem. if one server is under 500 players there is no problem at all to merge it with another fresh server. After that i would think it would be better to have one server stay “fresh” for returning players that want to join. Players are comming and going thats just part of the game. And i cant see any disadvantage for you, other player or AGS that there is options for players. I tink alot of players still would be happy with a server that have less then 500 and veteran players are free to go back to main at any point or buy a transfer token to get back to a legacy server.

Does that really matter? If a gamer have made up his mind that his server is no longer a fun place to be why not do something to get him to give it another try? We all want this game to grow in player numbers.

pretty sure the sour taste is even more sour for those players that left the game due to dupes, exploits and other reasons. Alot have improved but also alot cant improve on a legacy server that holds billions of gold that only a few players have access to. This makes for unbalance in economy and that gets even worse when it carries over to OPR and wars.

Thinks are getting little better for sure, and we can only hope the the improvements continues to come. But it is going to take a company on a fresh server a long time to get the same amount of power/gold as some of those legacy companies have.

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as @Zenith1 pointed out, the vid explains it perfectly


Yup, was about to write a whole blog explaining it, but honestly just watch the video above. Perfectly outlines why Fresh Start Servers split the community and why it impacts everybody.