Fresh Start Servers Should Be Locked Forever

cant watch during work. But what is the connection between new world and ashes of creation?

The reason fresh servers are so popular and wanted in this game is that this game have had an history of dupes, exploit and “rich getting richer” policy for one year. All that have turn this game off for alot of gamers.

Sure exploits and dupes have got fixed but there is still billions of gold on each server that only 5% of the server have access to. And for each patch/change they can just flipp the market and control it. Also insta buy bis items the second new weapons and/or perks enter the game.


there is no connection. He just happens to be playing AoC. He talks strictly about FS servers logically.

But there is no such thing as strictly talk about FS servers. That changes from game to game. It depends on the history of the server/game, how many players each servers hold and so on.

It is completely different story on fresh server when a server holds 2500 players and a server that holds 25k players.

just watch the video before you argue.

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You do realize with how the game has changed those fresh start servers will be caught up and competitive to normal servers within 6 months?

At that point they are essentially normal servers. If your arguement is because of duping ect. That has had minimal impact on the current economy because of natural rampant inflation.

In another few months I suspect the average player will start having 70-80% of their gear as perfect BIS and waiting for specific items to be crafted or sold to complete their BIS sets.

There will also be a drastic meta shift with this update that will help level the playing field because everyone will had to adjust their gear sets and re-tune their gear for competitive pvp.

PVE isn’t even a discussion because there is no raids or competitive aspect to PVE currently.

you shoulnd’t be able to transfer off it either. otherwise it’s just going to be a bot mecca. I don’t think locked down forever is the key… but at least three months

This video is spot on - thanks for sharing this. Its nice to have someone lay it out. Draw it out.

Its hard trying to get a point across to so many people, some returning people, who havent invested as much time as you. They move past the potentially damaging long term outcomes for that short term dopamine hit.

“How is it effecting you”

Its commonplace to hear people talk about the leveling experience, the rush of starting over. They say let it merge after so and so however many months. Short sighted and dangerous is what it is.

Either way good share. Thanks.

Yeah 100% dude - feels like a slap to the face to everyone who stuck around and has been playing this whole time that this kind of misinformation can be spread.

Thanks for putting this into words for a lot of us who feel the same way.

Absolutely agree.
Servers must be fresh start servers and transfers from legacy (origin) servers should not be allow. We need to prevent the abuse of bugs for months from impacting the current economy of fresh servers.


i’m good with 12month delay or forever locked. Anything less than 12months is not good enough for me

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Shouldn’t be able to transfer off either. Especially not to veteran servers.

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+1 to this

dude, there is more people waiting for fresh start servers than there are people playing this game. The benefits far outweigh the cons, many times over. AGS obligation to do right by the people they failed at launch due to many bugs, imbalances, lack of content, tweaks punishing slow progression is much more important than their obligation to provide a slow stream of new players to existing servers.


why not?



love these “fact checkers”. You work for FB by chance?


Literally makes zero sense. As if us „veteran“ players did not suffer through the same growing pains and issues at launch.

Besides that, there are no obligations at all. AGS is ultimately making a business decision here and if their aim is the longterm health of the game, Fresh Start Servers is one of, if not THE worst idea they could ever implement as it breaks the steady stream of new players joining the existing servers, ultimately leading to a plethora of issues that are hardly bandaid fixed with merging and transfers. And that‘s not even an opinion, we‘ve seen this exact scenario happen with a bunch of games before.


Y’all want an untainted economy. So why bring your character to what y’all consider “tainted” servers. Lock those characters between fresh start servers only.

if you guys wonder how work , check path of exile 3 months period server merges. you will get the idea but new world has to do this longer time like 1 year. @here