Fresh start servers will overtake current servers

Many people waiting to return to the game under this new announcement, good work AGS, now with the introduction of loadouts and many other updates coming with brimstone many who currently play will have incentive to reroll on these fresh start servers that aren’t plagued by RMT and elitism. Cheers to not giving up on new world.

As someone who fully plans to start a new character on those fresh start servers.

It’s important to know that unless AGS makes some serious changes to how territory ownership pays out, it’s only a matter of time until the RMT and “elitism” takes root on the new servers.


Yea, I feel like they should hold off on fresh start servers until they figure out a reasonable territory control system. Companies should not be making millions of gold per week.


They will divide the playerbase and eventually make both sides fail.

Way to kill a game on its growth back to glory…

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