Fresh Start Transfers/Merges

Myself and a few hundred others participated in your Return to Aeternum event. It was very low pop from the beginning and required us to grind exceptionally hard for the objectives. We were also forced to be west even though all our streamers fought for east. We also never got to see even half of our town taxes paid for by income. So it was an egregious grind on all fronts. Now with the event at a close, even after passing out unlimited codes and open the server to the public, the server population of Titan is non existent. 150 players maximum. Invasions are impossible, town upkeep is impossible, and there is absolutely no PvP.

We simply implore you to allow us to transfer to east fresh starts. Don’t let our hard work go to waste. It’s absolutely appalling to expect us to go to legacy. At the very least we need a merge into a populated fresh start right away. So many have already quit the game, or gone back to legacy characters because this server is unplayable. It took me over 30 mins to find a DPS last night for a dungeon. Which is easily the most popular class.

Towns are downgrading to nothing, Resources will cease to be able to be refined. We need immediate action. This is a terrible way to treat your streamer’s communities.

I was informed to repost this here.


Titan is so dead it feels like a solo player game. I’ve been stuck debating whether I should delete 70 hours worth of work on a character and reroll on a populated FSS or see if AGS will remedy the issue. Either way, I’m super behind compared to anyone who had the hindsight to not play on the event server. All I need is an answer, not even immediate action, but frustratingly we haven’t received any concrete information.




Yeah pls do something to RTA event server, we did it for support the game, community, that twitch drop or whatever it is, now we are really stuck in a dead server

Bump. only 50 people throughout most of the day max of 160. Something needs to be done. Not enough to get anything done but craft.