Fresh to legacy

As a returned player i didn’t know better, and i went to fresh servers where i put alot of hrs.

Sadly most fresh servers including the one i am in NYX EU are pretty much dead. OPRS - Expeditions-almost alway take a long time to pop. OPRS if they do pop its for 2 hrs and then they die again. Arena are straight up dead.

Muted expeditions are also struggling.
Currently the only thing that is a bit alive is chest runs and the event. Its frustrating not being able to consistently do other things.

Going to legacy rn and starting from 0 with a new character is a hard option for many, putting the same long hrs again which you already put in fresh makes me unmotivated to even try.

Do you thinks its fair to allow us fresh start players to switch and move to legacy at some point?


This is pure speculation on my part, but I’d guess they are going to wait until after the patch later this month before doing any server merges. I hope that wont be the case if some of the server groups are struggling hard with population. But they likely don’t want to merge severs just to then have them overpopulated right away when the update comes.

They should merge the fresh together, and block characer creation on these at patch launch and create new servers for the influx ?

Its not really an influx of new players though when patches hit. Some, for sure. But most of the population surge I would imagine is returning players who all have charcters on the current servers.

Transferring is only ever going to happen from FSS if they merge to one server and those servers die. Then it’ll happen.

Until then, just wait for those merges.

I don’t think the patch is going to bring back many players at all. Every patch they’ve added new dungeons (eg: Tempest, Arena, etc), had a very small uptick in player count. PvP has some meta changes, but at the end of the day, it’s literally the same war/opr maps over and over.

They really do need to do something with merging FSS, before they die even more.