Fresh, transferless servers

Developers if you do create fresh new servers that cannot be transferred to, please understand the possible consequences and needs.

  1. The population will likely be split into two groups, those that choose to remain in the old servers with their developed characters and those who wish to start completely anew. This dichotomy will not be in balance. If there is a huge upsurge in the player count who wish to start anew, the population will follow, eventually causing server abandonment in the old servers.

  2. Likewise, in anticipation of this population upsurge, there must be sufficient fresh transferless servers to accommodate the population shift and new players. Huge queue times can result, and this can dissuade returning or new players from the game. Worst of all, if these fresh servers become so full character creation becomes blocked, it will only fester the opinion that the developers lack foresight and hindsight, as this very problem plagued the game at launch.

Measuring the demand for this sort of fresh transferless server is not easy but do understand it can create a momentum that shifts the playerbase tremendously, and the demand for this from what I can see is not insignificant. I personally am for such a fresh, transferless server.

This is a chance to regain player trust and reignite excitement because what has been updated is nothing short of amazing.

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