Friend got permanently banned

My friend with 440 hours got banned for supposedly cheating.

After patch 1.0.5 he started gathering materials to finally craft Void bent set in a week. He farmed 6 Void Ores in 4 days for 12+ hours a day sitting on orichalcum nodes at Fort Damnation, Restless Shore. Once he finished all that he farmed half the motes needed to craft the energy cores, but he ended up buying the rest. On the day he could craft it we had another friend with armoring 200 to craft it for him.

During the process of trading, they come across problems with a message “Something went wrong” and I remembered people were posting on forums about it that people could get banned for it. They shrug it off since my friend thought he could prove that he got the set in a legit way and not from exploits. They traded each piece one by one and got 3 pieces that way and the last two gave an error message. They tried posting sell order in Auction House to see if it works which didn’t and decided to both log off and try trading again and it worked! Three days later he got banned for cheating and he couldn’t appeal his ban and it is permanent.

We shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of having farm the gear, but only to be gated of not being able to trade it to friends because of a parameter being set that someone gets instantly banned for trading void bent set to each other.

It is our first MMO game and we were excited to playing it together. He is demoralized by this ban and will probably stop playing this game.

Please do not use the forums to appeal bans on another player’s account. We cannot disclose to you the details of violations on another account. Please have them manage their appeal process.

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