Friend has a ban says support but nobody knows why


so a guy that i was playing with since launchday maybe got a ban but no one knows why. Some day he wanted to join the game and got the message “suspicious software”, we tought this is a bug because many player had problems with programs like puTTy or other not real suspicious software.

He wrote the support and got the follwing answer:

We have reviewed the information you provided in the appeal and have concluded that the disciplinary action already taken is justified. We take cases of exploit abusing very seriously as they are harmful to the community and violate the following section of our Code of Conduct (
3. play fair

To do: Play by the rules of the game.

To refrain from: Do not use bugs or other unintended game features.

Do not cheat, use bots, hacks or other software or services that give you an unfair advantage, such as playing in absentia or game modifications.

Do not engage in real money trading of in-game items and in-game currencies.

We reserve the right to determine what constitutes unfair play and to take corrective action as we deem appropriate.

As a result, your New World account will remain permanently suspended.

We cannot provide any further information on our decision and will not respond to any further emails regarding this issue.

Our goal: to be the most customer-friendly company in the world. Your feedback helps us to achieve this.

This is a joke or not?

So even when a ban maybe is justified, why dont you tell him why he has a ban? He doesnt know why, this is shit. I dont know if he did something wrong or not but since there are many many flasepositive bans you should tell the people why they are banned…

In my opinion the support guy that wrote the answer diddnt know the reason of the problem and just send a standardised message with no reference to the actual case.

This is a problem for me we played a lot together and now he has a ban maybe ( not sure because he doesnt get a ingame message that says he has, the support said that but the answer is trash ) for no traceable reason.

Is there a way to bring light in this case?


Hey @iMex ,

Unfortunately you cannot ask information regarding bans for other players, it’s on your friend and AGS support to sort it out.

Also from the message he received, it’s reported “We take cases of exploit abusing very seriously as they are harmful to the community and violate the following section of our Code of Conduct”, so intentionally or not, the ban is related to game exploits.

This also was confirmed by a manual review “We have reviewed the information you provided in the appeal and have concluded that the disciplinary action already taken is justified.”.
I would not take part in justifying/judge your friend, but this doesn’t look an automated ban which may occur also on false positive (and of course you have all rights to appeal it) but since it was investigated, it would probably guaranteed that a violation of the ToS has been committed.

On a side note, I do use, for work and private use, tools like cygwin, putty, scp, ssh agents etc. and I never been banned from any MMO games, including New World.

Good luck on your NW journeys!

I know when you believe what is written then i would also say that he did something wrong but doesnt tell it. But since there a hundreds of posts in this forum with the same message and the same “suspicious software” error ingame there is a really high probability tha the message from the support is only like an “automatic” response and no one did really dig deep into his problem. He will open up a new webticket but i wanted to share this. This is not how support should handle such cases and let people hangig in the air.

They should answer him u did XYZ at this and this time and because of that you are banned. But this answer is just like a newsletter that hundreds of other players already postet here in the forum. They got alle the excact same message.

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Aye, I understand your point, but no game developers would expose directly, even to the player involved, the exact reason of the exploitation (as for good measure to catch everyone else who are abusing of it). Let’s assume player X is using a bot program to fish; if they ban him and report that it was due to the bot software XYZ, he would share the information with the bot programs devs and either they will adjust it or the players will switch to another botting software (as it is now detected).

See where it would lead? More botting (or never reduced) and less comfort for regular players.

Good luck on your friend with the second webticket, if he’s really playing legitly he deserves to come back!

New Information on this, so the ban is said to have happened because of the use of an “miningbot”.

I just can’t believe that after spending weeks leveling the character and being active (300+ hours of play) that he would actually use a “miningbot”. Also, he has neither smelting at 200 nor large amounts of ore in inventory or storage.

He can’t explain it and neither can I. I assume he was reported by others for whatever reason and was banned because of that and not because he actually used a miningbot.

If that were the case, why would he have sent logs or contacted support at all, because a bot like that is logically easy to track in them.

It is and remains in my eyes an unjustified permanent ban of a very active player and I also believe that this is not an isolated case of a false positive ban where the banned player is not given a chance to be unbanned again.

Support does not mention when and what indications there are for this. So how is this determined? None of this makes sense, no one who has actually used a bot is that stupid to ask for an unblocking with logs.

Of course, the support is not intended to show exactly what the mechanics of recognition are. But simple things like you did this and that on day XYZ or the log says this in line XYZ and you can see it from that or you can see it on the following screenshot or video should not lead to a problem and someone who wants to further develop a “bot” could not do anything with that.

As solution the support said to him he should create a new account. Of course after 300 to 400 hours of play you will create a new account. lol

There are players who insult in chat, are racist, have duplicated and used other bugs and these have only received a 24 hour ban. I am very disappointed with the way this has been handled.

Michael [08:01:09] : Your account was not permanently banned without authorisation. The Anti Cheat System has detected software from a mining bot, unfortunately I can’t give you any details. But you can always create a new account and start over with it.

Even when he will create a new account, this could happen again? So he will play again for weeks and then be banned again because he doesnt know what has triggered the ban on his computer. And this could also happen to anyone of us.

Also from his answer you can read that is was an automatic ban and no one checked logs manually. Its a proof that falsepositive bans are not tracked, the banned players are unlucky and are excluded just like that. The AntiCheat is relied upon and not even checked to see if it was wrong.

Now he cant even get in contact with support anymore because the have disabled “webticket” for him. This is crazy.

There are topic in this forum about this: ( This is an example in german )

There are many players that where banned 6 Days ago for not known reasons. And the topic was just closed. Is this really how players are treated here?

One debatable quality of EAC is that it detects stuff on your PC, not just interacting with the game. This does mean if your friend used a blacklisted mining bot in another game (or someone who shares use of the PC with him does), and neglected to close it correctly, that can trigger it. Obviously someone who cheats in one game may cheat in other games, so there is logic for carpet-banning, but without knowing what the game it was to be used for was or the regs surrounding it (maybe it’s a mods-allowed one, or he is a developer trialling things in his own smaller game) it may be unfair.

The only ‘fair’ outcome is that if you use programs like bots in any game, have them disabled before launching any other game where using these would be offenses. And if you share a PC - whether that is family/other residents or a net cafe setup - then be very aware of what they do when you’re not on so you can ensure compliance.

Also applies for shared/compromised accounts. If you have evidence of an unauthorised third party using the account, report that immediately regardless of ban status, since then that can be considered; if you’re sharing, you are responsible for their actions so be very careful (ideally don’t do it, it’s a breach in and of itself, but if you are, be aware of the risks).

Can’t say any of that’s what happened here - I have even less insight into his case than you - but assuming he’s not lying and has a second character botting away and thought he could feign ignorance by showing logs for the ‘clean’ main, then it is the most likely explanation that he had something running on the PC or another PC the account was logged into from that he shouldn’t have had.

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Meanwhile, Actual mining bots carry on unhindered.

This is massive double standard and completely unacceptable from a game company.

Pretty sure the “moderation team” at Amazon are either trolling us or completely unqualified for the task.


This is also the only option for us to explain that this happened.
We dont know what the anti cheat system has found but it would be great to know it.

Of course you should not use such things in any game but to be banned in a game just because 5 Years ago you tryd such a thing in another game and it is on you storage without you knowing it because its to long ago or maybe you dont even know if something is an actual “bot” or cheat in another game is just unfair to a player that put weeks of lifetime in this game.

And as i said, the actuall bots and cheaters arent banned but people that maybe unintentional have data on there storage that dont even is in connection to new world get perm bans.

This is not worth a permanent ban, they just could disable his account and then check together with him what was found. But just to state “our EAC that searches also thing from other games found on your 5 TB storage anything so you are a cheater” is stupid in a way that i cant describe.

For example when you play on private servers for wow, there are servers where such bots are allowed. And he did play on such a server years ago and maybe he has this files anywhere on his NAS. This is really a good possibility of how the ban came about. We diddnt check this yet.

But this never justifies a perm ban even if there are old files with this…

And again now he has no way to contact support, they ban his forum account and from ticketsystem also :weary:

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