Friend's account banned

Can this be investigate please or at least an explanation on what “cheat” was used please. Without providing this how does the player know how to avoid any future bans. I have played with this guy for ages and know he would not knowingly cheat.


if one of the admins responds i can supply the player name not doing it on the public forums for now though

i can not stress enough how frustrating my friend is about the situation

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same, my friend just got banned for two days because of “cheating”.

He is a guy who only plays opr while got banned during an opr. I strongly suspect that AGS banned everyone who receives duplicate items. That is totally, fucking stupid.


same, wtf is going on AGS???

You guys new around here?

Hi all,

The team continues to work on removing duped items from individual characters. Players have been, and additional players identified through this investigation will be, suspended until we remove items that we feel would have a severe impact on the economy.

These players will see a 7 day suspension; for those already suspended, this is an extension on their current suspension. We will continue to extend the suspension until the identified items have been removed from their characters.

This does not apply to players who were permanently banned as a result of utilizing this exploit.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Source: [Notice] Duplication Bug / Wealth Transfers - March 3 - #3 by TrevzorFTW

Ur friend CHEATED and abused a bug. It’s a shame that Amazon are banning only 1 week, it should be permanent ban for all exploiters!


Normally i post some “Access Denied” gif, but seriously this is a issue. People are getting banned for playing the game.

I’m pretty sure most people who got banned temporarily never noticed anything off. You get banned for buying cheap potions on the market. There is NO cheating involved. And if you buy a lot of potions since they where cheap you got perma banned.

I was packed with potions myself, so i was lucky, but people who have done nothing wrong and really are not the type who exploit did got banned.

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Maybe not potions but if you see items worth a few k for pennies then it’s your responsibility as you do know where they came from.

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I doubt this is about cheap potions. Surely its about knowing that honing stones, event turkey leg food, event foods were DUPED and yet ppl bought big stacks of them.

Yea, somebody got permanent ban for creating the dupes. But also ppl who abused buying hundreds of DUPED items, know that those items are duped, in my opinion deserve the same or much more severe action than they got 7 days ban.


You don’t know this on the first 2 days unless you stay in the information loop. Not everyone is 24/7 in the forums that are unhealthy for you. But it’s too late at that point to avoid the ban.


how do you know if an item was duped

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Dont play victim with me dude.


It’s common sense if you have played any other game, even in real life when you going for those “bargains” and then you act surprised that you received bricks instead of iPhone it’s own stupidity.

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Sure there are abusers, but you also have to be honest with yourself that the bans right now are not controlled at all. It’s arbitrariness before reason. And support does not bother looking into appeals since there are simply TOO many appeals going on.

Ey lookie lookie sooo many innocent people, awwww.
Stop duping and exploiting and you won’t get banned.
It is a slap on the wrist only anyway. 2 days…in other games it would be a perma ban.

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dont assume anyone you dont know. my friend only plays pvp and nothing else but hes banned during an on-going opr just right now. he is the last person on this planet that is even anywhere close to any kinda exploits.
im sure AGS will freaking copy paste their COC to our appeal but filed it anyway.
this game and its staff really is making ppl quit. maybe its time we give them what they want.

im clueless to the whole duping thing. If i need an item i buy it from the TP, i dont take notice of price or quantity, i buy what i need and pay what i need to pay.


Ok, just cuz ur friend got banned during OPR, does NOT mean he did not abuse dupe system 1 week ago or when it was the dupe period.
This is jus a delayed banning to remove the excess of duped items bought, created or stacked to dont ruin the market.

Either u like it or not, ur friend is a CHEATER !!!

If you bought 500 or 1000 duped potions from the market you could get a perma ban. You don’t know they are duped but it will still get you banned.

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Dude you still dont understand the problem. The people who bought stuff from TP getting banned too. That is the problem. Why u are so biased to people and this aggresive i dont get.