Frislandia Company x RM x Cheating With Documentation

is that your in game name? or are you hiding behind a pseudonym spewing hate?

So when I first read OP’s post and saw that there were 100+ comments here I thought this was going to be another case of company A creating a shell company to snipe the war declaration from company B and then the understandably, aggravated company B appealing it in the forums. But that doesn’t appear to be what happened here.

After reading through the comments (yes I know fml I read them all) it’s not clear to me who the aggrieved party is (feel free to clarify would help me contextualize some of the back-and-forth here)? From a high level it looks like most people benefited from this entire debacle (from RM initially taking the territory to it going green):

  • pvp-ers now have a more balanced spread
  • pve-ers now have a WF with upgraded stations/town board quests
  • Green is now stronger/less of a minority
  • Yellow doesn’t have to deal with RM anymore and can now take WF for themselves
  • Purple got entertainment by sitting back and watching this unfold

Yes its annoying to get kicked from the last war, but that war only really happened because RM pushed it (maybe they should at least pay reparations/azoth idk). I could see a good argument for people feeling that the moral integrity of the game has been violated with this maneuver. And it might have, or might not have. It alludes back to my previous comment that it depends on who owned the territory? RM or the faction? It’s pretty clear that both sides emphatically believe that they do and I doubt any more debating will really convince the other side :confused:


I didn’t like that your guild broke their word they had given us all on a channel in discord which you had 0 access to because your a no one talking out of your behind. You declared on First Light when it was agreed Myrmidon would be the one to take it, then you took First Light just 3 days before you pushed Mournindale but hey there was no wars for weeks on the server lmao.

Not to mention how your guild tried to absorb the Q to go against us in another faction at the same time that your asking for help from us and then a guil dof 15 players was angry that we took over Everfall as if they had enough peopel to even defend Winsward to begin with.

Then on a leader meeting your guild said The Q and Codex wasn’t worthy to take a territory cause they didn’t have enough people which I put a stop to. Just ask the other leaders, there’s a reason no one sided with you on that last war and had it not been for mergers you would have lost that territory in less than 5 mins.

Then mergers happen and I open the window to you guys, give you room at our war and again look at what you do. Well perhaps remember the words you give and have some loyalty next time and people won’t be vindictive.


But they did lose to yellow the first time stripping them of any claim to the territory. Just because you havent read the rules or want to pretend theyre not there doesnt mean there isnt any. : Do not: engage in behaviors that reduce or disrupt the enjoyment of the game for others. This includes spamming chat, griefing, throwing matches, boosting, win-trading, trolling, or spoiling the game by sharing unreleased or confidential materials.

3. Play fair

Do: play within the rules of the game.

Do not: exploit bugs or other unintended uses of game features.

Do not cheat, bot, hack, or use other software or services that give you an unfair advantage through, for example, unattended gameplay or game modifications.

Kicking members from the war roster is win trading and is exploiting unintended uses of game features.

What are you on about? ive said everything i wanted to say. you over there sounding like charley browns teacher, wah wah wah.

The whole Settlement system is so prone to exploitation of all sorts it’s long overdue to just remove all player control over Settlements.

@Lane @Zin_Ramu This is the “pvp” your Settlement system encourages. And this is just ONE of so many exploits of the Settlement system that have been reported since launch.

Better yet, just erase all PvP from the game. It is clear that most of the so-called PvPers remaining in this game have no interest in actually PvP-ing as intended at all and will use any exploit possible to avoid PvP.
And they are ruining every aspect of the game for everyone else, including PvPers.

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Then why are you still playing? Did you think a server merge would change anything when AGS hasn’t touched any of their fundamentally broken and exploitable systems?

If you continue to play their broken systems, then AGS just sees the engagement numbers as validation that it’s all working fine.
Stop and go play something more fun. Come back if AGS ever has real PvP where your opposition isn’t hiding behind exploits to AVOID real PvP action.

Just bumping this to remind everyone that x RM x lost a war for Weaver’s Fen so badly that they had to rig the next attempt. Instead of facing 50 opponents, they had their mole in yellow remove every single person so they could have an unopposed victory.

They huff and puff about how great they are at PvP, but fear a fair fight so much that they’ll cheat to avoid it.

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x RM x refuses to fight a 50v50 war. They’ll zerg with 100+ people in open world PvP, but a fair fight? No way. The last time they were in a fair war, they lost. Can’t let that happen again, so they’ll cheat to avoid that.

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Says the guy whining about us taking the town to green because defending is 3x easier than attacking. :rofl:


Remember when Xenexprime (Primeos) said he’d comment no further on the matter? He’s posted 16 times about it since then. I guess he feels self-conscious about being exposed as a cheater.

Still waiting for an explanation as to why you felt it necessary to rig the war. Did losing the fair fight to an autofill group scare the week before scare you that much?

Why do x RM x members talk so much garbage when they only hold a territory because they cheated to get it?


@Luxendra Just following up to make sure this incident doesn’t fall through the cracks; as a reference point on player expectations I’ve linked the December New World Dev Update, where at 17:21 the Game Director says that to “throw a war” would be the type of action that would result in a permanent ban.


This is exactly the reason you guys don’t deserve a territory.

You exploited systems that exist to make it possible. There is no settlement transfer token last time I checked.

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@Luxendra Hello, checking in on the status of this issue, it appears to remain unresolved on Frislandia.

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try winning a territory with your own company then.

pretty sure this is a troll post. alot of losing companies often post fake stories leaving alot of details out because they are salty about the winning companies.

@Luxendra Sorry to be a bother, but I was wondering if this issue was going to be resolved ahead of the mergers later this month! Thanks!

I’m patiently waiting to see how this gets resolved. This is a good story. Love the documentation. Love the fact-finding. Doubt anything will happen. Best of luck!


Alright… So they swapped faction and did something that is technically a violation of the code of conduct but has now put you in a position to take it back for your faction under a company that isn’t them… So whats the issue? You want them punished for giving you the ability to actually fight them?